4 eco-ideas for gift wrapping


Wrapping paper is a great way to spruce up a gift, and it’s good if, after the wrapper is torn to shreds, you sort it and recycle it. But there is another way – to use waste-free packaging. Sharing four ideas!  

Option for fans of systematization 

Beautiful tin boxes that are never at hand and are so needed when cleaning the closet with cereals, spices and other useful little things. 

It’s time to take a fresh look at IKEA and hardware stores. Don’t forget to check out Fix Price stores as well – great finds happen there too. 

For those who love antiques, we recommend walking through antique shops, as well as finding out where and when flea markets take place in your city. A special chic is to present a gift in an elegant old coffee can, especially since a real coffee lover will definitely be happy to use it for its intended purpose. 

An option for those who are faithful to Santa Claus 

A full-fledged gift bag is a suitable option for celebrating the New Year with children. You can sew a traditional red bag on your own in advance, fold all the gifts, tie them tightly and leave them under the Christmas tree. As if a good wizard forgot it in your apartment. Gifts folded in a common bag are more difficult to guess – the general silhouette adds intrigue, so if you are planning a surprise, there is no better package than Santa Claus’s bag. 

An option for Western Christmas lovers 

Of course, we are talking about holiday socks.

It is best to sew socks for gifts together with children or friends, so that each participant in the New Year’s party has the opportunity to decorate their own sock on their own (it will be easier to distinguish between them). 

In the process of preparation, tell all the participants about where this tradition came from: after all, socks were first hung in Victorian England. This was due to the belief about the “Christmas grandfather”, who can fly and gets into the house through the chimney. Once, going down the pipe, he dropped a couple of coins. The money fell right into a sock drying by the fireplace. Hoping for the same luck, people began to hang out their socks – suddenly something pleasant will fall. 

If suddenly making socks seems boring to you, you can sew a couple of mittens for a change. 

An option for those who love Cheburashka 

If the hero invented by Eduard Uspensky almost half a century ago is dear to your heart, we suggest turning to the history of his appearance. If you remember, Cheburashka was found in a box of oranges – he was lying between layers of fruit. So you can hide your gift in the same way! 

You will need a wooden box, pre-prepared gifts and a mountain of oranges (if you like tangerines, we recommend taking them). A wooden box is placed under the Christmas tree, gifts are covered with a citrus layer. If you decide to complete the image to the end, you can put a toy Cheburashka among the fruits – the keeper of New Year’s gifts. 

The advantage of this packaging option: your home will be filled with citrus aroma. Minus: the forbidden fruit is sweet and you will have to carefully monitor that no one eats oranges ahead of time in the hope of finding out what is hidden there at the bottom. 

A good wooden gift box can be found in hardware stores or you can make your own. If your dads or grandfathers are real housewives and have always collected stools themselves, this is a great reason to turn to them for help. 

We hope that our ideas will inspire you to your own interesting ideas and help make the holiday especially warm. The main thing is not to be afraid to try something new and let this year you have a new family tradition.



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