Follow them: 7 vibrant INSTAGRAM accounts about healthy nutrition

“If you go out with a friend – the road is more fun” – was sung in a long-standing children’s song. But, indeed, having decided on some new step for oneself, it is so important to have like-minded people as friends. Moreover, if this decision is to start leading a healthy lifestyle or go on a diet.

Below you will find interesting accounts about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition. They are led by bright people, even virtual acquaintance with whom, of course, will add color to your life.


Albina Komissarova is a young nutritionist. On her page, Albina dispels myths about healthy eating, losing weight, teaches how to choose the right products in supermarkets and answers questions from subscribers about health.


Albina’s subscribers often send their “Success Stories” – photographs before and after diets.

Number of subscribers – 197 000, Instagram – tut. 



Olga Yagnetinskaya’s page is interesting, first of all, because Olga herself went through the path of losing weight. In 4 months she lost 15 kg. And now Olga – a happy wife and mother of two children – shares her experience and charges her subscribers with positive. Personal family photos are interspersed with recipes for healthy pastries, ice cream, and weight loss tips.

Number of subscribers: 885 000, Instagram – tut. 



The page is a guide to a healthy lifestyle: sports, beauty, nutrition. The latest research and healthy lifestyle news are complemented by expert opinions and vivid pictures.

Number of subscribers: 55 500, Instagram – tut


@Salatshop ♡ you

Olya Malysheva dedicated her account to a healthy lifestyle, detox, vitality and beauty. Here you will find recipes for dishes without sugar and flour, healthy desserts, smoothies, juices. And, for sure, recharge Oli’s energy.

Number of subscribers – 54 200, Instagram – tut. 



Healthy lifestyle expert Yulia Korneva has developed her own program called Sugar Detox, which helps people overcome sugar addiction. And also Julia offers to take part in the anti-sugar marathon. In Julia’s account you will find a useful smartphone application with hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes.

Number of subscribers: 20, Instagram – tut. 



Ksenia Selezneva – nutritionist, gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences. On her page, she shares examples of boring breakfasts, useful additives and rules that should be followed by those who want to get rid of extra pounds.

Number of subscribers: 22 100, Instagram – tut. 



Ekaterina Koval has created her own cleansing course and shares her knowledge on Instagram. Moreover, Katerina suggests getting rid of not only toxic food, but also toxic thoughts. The principle that she professes: “When food and life are beauty, lightness and pleasure”

Number of subscribers: 12 800, Instagram – tut. 

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