Flowers and happiness

Flowers are a symbol of something beautiful and positive. Researchers have long confirmed the positive effect that flowering plants have on the emotional state. Improving mood with lightning speed, flowers loved women of all times and peoples for a reason.

A behavioral study was conducted at the University of New Jersey led by psychology professor Jeannette Havilland-Jones. A group of researchers studied the relationship between colors and life satisfaction among participants over a 10-month period. Interestingly, the observed response is universal and occurred in all age groups.

Flowers have a long-term positive effect on mood. Participants reported less depression, anxiety, and excitability after receiving the flowers, with an increased sense of enjoyment of life.

Older people are shown to find solace in being surrounded by flowers. They are highly recommended caring for plants, gardening and even making flower arrangements. Research shows that Flowers have a life of their own, broadcasting positive energy, bringing happiness, creativity, compassion and serenity.

When it comes to decorating a home interior, the presence of flowers fills the space with life, not only decorating it, but also giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is confirmed by a paper called “Studying the Ecology at Home” carried out at Harvard University:

NASA scientists have discovered at least 50 houseplants and flowers that. Leaves and flowers of plants purify the air, release oxygen by absorbing dangerous toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

In the case of a cut flower standing in water, it is recommended to add a spoonful of charcoal, ammonia, or salt to the water to minimize bacterial growth and prolong the life of the flower. Cut off half an inch of the stem daily and change the water to keep the flower arrangement longer.

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