Five low-calorie summer drinks

Summer, hot… It’s time to forget about iced lattes and sugary flavored lemonades. The homemade summer drinks that we are going to tell you about are just as tasty, but also contain a minimum of calories.

    1. Coconut water

Water from the core of young green coconuts is a great choice when everything is melting in the heat. It is ideal for recovering from exercise or to quench your thirst at the beach. Coconut water contains a lot of potassium and fewer calories than a regular sports drink, plus it’s sugar- and color-free.

Coconut water is sold in most health food stores, but if you’re on vacation in the tropics, there’s nothing better than cracking open a fresh coconut. Coconut water can be drunk on its own or made into a smoothie.

     2. Kombucha

Kombucha was originally promoted as a panacea for everything from arthritis to cancer. This drink is obtained as a result of the fermentation of tea, sugar, yeast and live bacteria.

Even though the health benefits of this popular drink are still not scientifically proven, the abundance of probiotics and live enzymes in kombucha is very beneficial for digestion and balance of gut bacteria.

Because gut health plays a huge role in immunity, mental health, and energy, kombucha is recommended to be included in your daily diet. Note that in China it has been a popular “elixir of life” for many centuries.

Kombucha can be fermented at home or you can buy a ready-made drink.

     3. Homemade iced tea

Summer is a great time to enjoy the healing properties of herbal teas – with fresh herbs, lemon and honey.

Their counterparts in stores are too saturated with sugar, and homemade iced tea can both help digestion (mint tea) and calm the nervous system (chamomile tea). Add vitamin C from natural lemon or make an antibacterial drink with honey.

Steep mint in boiling water for 30 minutes. Add a tablespoon of honey per liter and refrigerate. You can squeeze lemon slices – natural cold tea is ready! 

      4. Freshly squeezed juice

Juice instantly provides energy to the cells of the body. It is rich in live enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Enzymes help digestion, and this is the main guarantee of radiant skin, high immunity and energy. The chlorophyll found in green foods acts as a detoxifier and purifies the blood.

Freshly squeezed juice alkalizes the body and aids in digestion during heavy summer picnics.

Fresh juice can be bought at the store, but if you have a juicer, it’s more economical to make your own. Try green juices from cabbage, cucumber, parsley, ginger, lemon, and green apple. It is much better in the morning for energy than a cup of coffee.

      5. Water with fruits, citrus and herbs

The classic combination of water with lemon can be supplemented with fresh berries, cucumbers and herbs (mint, basil). In the summer, fluid needs are increased, and drinking such water is not only pleasant, but also useful. Lemon has a beneficial effect on the liver by increasing bile secretion. Cucumbers relieve stress due to their vitamin B content. Experiment with your favorite foods so that every next glass of drink gives you more beauty and health.

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