Video lecture “Magic conscious: instructions for use”

Alena Kovalchuk had a brilliant career and not a very brilliant personal life: a single mother with a divorce behind her. Then Alena decided to sincerely answer the question of what fate she wants: careerists without a husband or a family woman with her husband. Both options seemed attractive, but the answer turned out to be more harmonious and desirable: “I want to be a happy wife and mother.”

Having consciously tuned in to achieve this goal, our heroine began to work on herself. And after a while she met a man who not only met all her requirements for “ideal”, but even surpassed them. Alena honestly admits that she made every conceivable and unthinkable mistake in this relationship, and a year later they broke up. But we have a happy story – and in the end Alena married the man of her dreams. Now they have four children, a wonderful life, their own project …

Alena shared her state of happiness, history and experience with the participants of the meeting in the Vegetarian lecture hall.

We invite you to watch the video of the meeting.

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