Fun Facts About Vegans

Joke article. If you recognize yourself in most of the paragraphs, most likely you are a vegan who seriously cares about your health and the ecology of the environment! So, a look from the outside: When switching to a plant-based diet, we take into account not only the usefulness of the plant products themselves, but also how to cook them and heat them up. As a rule, “hardened” vegans are moving away from using a microwave oven. And here is a bold plus right away: space is freed up in the kitchen! Yes, heating food in the oven, steaming or in a saucepan takes a little longer, but it’s worth it. Anyway, vegans believe it! 🙂 In fact, it is full of anything vegetable, especially green! After all, smoothies based on bananas and berries are your favorite breakfast, and broccoli for lunch – what could be better? We used to make cocktails with milk, yogurt, sugar and God knows what else. We treated our friends to this and were happy to see enthusiastic faces asking for more. Gone are those days! Now our smoothies consist of pumpkin seeds (how much iron, mm!), chia seeds, flax, hemp, all kinds of sprouts. Few of our friends are able to appreciate such a smoothie, but we know how delicious it is! Entering the path of a healthy diet, few people do not think about salt. And so, we begin to experiment. Sea salt, kosher salt, black salt, pink salt. If anyone does not know, the last two are varieties of Himalayan salt with a large number of useful trace elements. And who knows, that vegan 🙂 Not that you would suddenly want to throw away all the shoes and boots you have, but … Shoes made of genuine leather (even if they were your favorite winter boots) are no longer conceivable for you, and you change them to rag ones, leather replacement and everything in which there was no participation of innocent little animals. By the way, the same thing happens with the ladies, in whose wardrobes fur coats from previous seasons gather dust! Of course, you are already well aware of the dangers of refined sugar and have found a way out of the situation. Well, of course, dates (just don’t forget to soak before use, chemical treatment of dried fruits, that’s all. Although you already know this). Smoothies, raw food cakes, candy balls – now dates go everywhere where you want a sweet taste. Spelled, buckwheat, corn, rice and even quinoa! Not because you suffer from gluten intolerance, but it’s interesting to try something new 🙂

As you can see, being a vegan is not only healthy, but also fun!

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