Finnish diet, 7 days, -3 kg

Losing weight up to 3 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 1150 Kcal.

The Finnish diet was developed on behalf of the government of this country about 40 years ago. Then Finland occupied one of the “leading” places among European countries in terms of the number of overweight people. In addition, many of this category of people suffered from diseases of the cardiovascular system. To save the nation, Finnish nutritionists quickly developed this diet, which has helped a large number of obese people lose weight. Now the Finnish diet is also actively used.

Finnish diet requirements

A prerequisite for the Finnish diet is the exclusion of animal fats from the diet. You can only leave unheated vegetable oil, which can be used to season salads.

This technique prescribes providing the diet with the maximum amount of vegetables, decoctions and juices from them. Low-fat soups are one of the main components of the menu. They need to be eaten three times a day. Prepare liquid dishes from onions, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, combine ingredients. A good choice would be fish soup, but with vegetable broth. Below is a recipe for a soup that is recommended to be the basis of the diet.

Take 300 g of celery, 500 g of onions, 250 g of carrots, white cabbage and parsley each, 200 g of cauliflower and leeks each, one head of garlic, a glass of tomato juice, black and red pepper, basil, other spices and herbs to taste … Rinse the vegetables and herbs well, chop them and cook in water for about 30 minutes. Then grind them with a blender until puree or pass through a sieve. Pour the resulting mixture with tomato juice, add spices and simmer for another 10 minutes. Do not add salt. The dish useful for the figure and the body is ready!

Also, the developers of the Finnish diet are advised to eat fish. You can eat it boiled, baked, but you should not use pickled or smoked products. So that the seafood does not get bored, alternate them with meat, which is also worth cooking in the aforementioned ways. You can use lean meats, and don’t forget to peel them off. Watch your portion sizes, do not eat more than 300 g of fish or meat at a time.

For other foods, try not to overeat either. Listen to your body and get used to getting up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. It is better, if desired, to have a snack later than to eat until the stomach is heavy.

If you want the Finnish diet to be effective, be sure to give up sweets in any form, pasta (even from durum wheat), all flour products, white rice, canned food, smoked meats. From cereals, it is recommended to eat barley, oatmeal, buckwheat. You can also use various low-fat dairy and fermented milk products, fruit juices, teas, herbal infusions and decoctions, coffee. No food should be salted. Do not be alarmed, you will not have to eat tasteless foods. You can add spices and seasonings to them (for example, paprika, pepper, various herbs).

It is recommended to drink at least two liters of clean water a day without gas. As for the diet, you should eat at least three times a day. But ideally – eat fractionally 4-5 times a day. Just don’t eat the next 3-4 hours before bedtime. Of course, exercise will improve dietary results. In any case, try to be as active as possible.

Depending on the initial data and the characteristics of the body, a week of the Finnish diet, as a rule, leaves from 2 to 4 extra pounds. You can sit on this technique until you achieve the desired result. But still it is not recommended to exceed the period of 3-4 weeks.

You need to exit the Finnish diet smoothly, gradually introducing new foods into the diet, especially high-calorie ones. Otherwise, the lost weight can return very quickly, and even with an additional weight. It is also possible that problems with the body, in particular, with the stomach, will arise, which during the diet will get used to eating low-fat and healthy. It is very good if soup will be present in your diet every day for at least another 10-15 days. If you want your new figure to delight you for a long time, try very rarely to eat sweet and flour products even after completing the Finnish diet.

Finnish diet menu

An example of a daily diet on a Finnish diet

Breakfast: a portion of vegetable soup; oatmeal cooked in milk (2-3 tbsp. l.); a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice; tea or coffee.

Snack: a portion of vegetable soup; apple and orange salad.

Lunch: bowl of fish soup; about 200 g of baked chicken breast; white cabbage and greens salad; a glass of fresh fruit.

Afternoon snack: a glass of low-fat milk.

Dinner: a portion of mushroom soup with vegetables; a couple of slices of beef stew; 2-3 st. l. boiled buckwheat; salad of non-starchy fruits (about 200 g), seasoned with kefir or low-fat yogurt; a cup of herbal tea.

Contraindications for the Finnish diet

  • It is forbidden to sit on the Finnish diet for women during pregnancy and lactation, children and adolescents.
  • Only after consulting a doctor should older people do it.
  • You cannot refer to this technique if you are individually intolerant of one or another product offered on it.
  • Also contraindications for adhering to the Finnish diet are gastrointestinal diseases (especially increased acidity of the stomach), pancreas and other serious diseases.

The benefits of the Finnish diet

  1. The Finnish diet is full of tangible benefits. The good news is that the first results of weight loss are noticeable after the first week.
  2. The main ingredient in the menu – soup – is great for filling, and the recommended fractional meals help to reduce weight without feeling hungry. When losing weight, as you know, liquid food is preferable to solid food. The soup takes up a lot of space in the stomach, is low in calories, and makes you feel full. Nutritionists especially recommend using liquid soups for residents of countries with a fairly low average air temperature.
  3. In addition, nutrition according to this method warms up the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and has a mild antibacterial effect.
  4. It is worth noting that Finnish nutrition contributes to the enrichment of the body with many vitamins, cleans it of toxins, and also helps to restore water balance.

Disadvantages of the Finnish diet

  • The calorie content of the proposed products, especially soup, is low. Therefore, people who are accustomed to eating plentifully may feel weak.
  • Not everyone likes the taste of a liquid dish recommended on a diet, which is why there is a likelihood of a breakdown from the diet, a decline in mood, apathy (since the pleasure from food is lost).
  • This diet is not easy for lovers of sweets, which are now strictly prohibited.
  • The Finnish method may not work for those who are not used to cooking. It is nevertheless necessary to update the soup from time to time. It is better to always use fresh, or at least yesterday’s, soup.

Reapplying the Finnish diet

If you feel comfortable and want to lose a more tangible amount of kilograms, you can turn to the Finnish diet for help again after two to three weeks after its completion.

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