Murder in every glass of milk

Dairy products have their origins in raped, suffering and exploited mothers. Now imagine your newborn baby.

After spending his whole life inside the warm womb of his mother, at one point he finds himself banished to a strange, cold world. He is surprised, disoriented, feels the heaviness of his own body, he calls out to the one who has been everything to him all this time, whose voice he knows, seeking solace. In nature, as soon as the wet, slippery newborn body sinks to the ground, the mother turns around and immediately begins to lick it, an act that stimulates breathing and brings comfort. The newborn has a natural instinct to seek out the mother’s nipple, rich in nutrients and soothing, as if reassuring, “It’s okay. Mom is here. I’m safe”. This whole natural process is completely disrupted on commercial farms. A newborn calf is dragged through mud and feces immediately after passing through the birth canal. The worker drags him by the foot through the mud, while his poor mother frantically runs after him, helpless, in despair. If the newborn turns out to be a bull, he is a “by-product” for the dairy, unable to produce milk. They throw him in a dark corner, where there is no bedding or straw. A short chain around his neck, this place will be his home for the next 6 months until he is loaded onto a truck and taken to the slaughter. Even if the tail has not been cut off for “sanitary” reasons, the calf will never wag it. There is nothing that will make him even remotely feel happy. Six months no sun, no grass, no breeze, no mother, no love, no milk. Six months of “why, why, why?!” He lives worse than a prisoner of Auschwitz. He’s just a victim of the modern holocaust. Female calves are also doomed to a miserable existence. They are forced to be slaves, like their mothers. Endless cycles of rape, deprivation of their child, forcible extraction of milk and no compensation for a life of slavery. One thing that mother cows and their children, be they bulls or heifers, are sure to get: slaughter.

Even on “organic” farms, cows are not given a pension with lush green fields where they can chew their cud until their last breath. As soon as a cow stops giving birth to calves, she will immediately be sent in an overcrowded truck to be slaughtered. This is the true face of dairy products. It’s cheese on a vegetarian pizza. This is a milky candy filling. Is it worth it when there are humane, compassionate vegan alternatives for every dairy?

Make the right decisions. Give up meat. Give up dairy. No mother deserves to be deprived of a child and a life. A life that does not even remotely resemble a natural existence. People condemn her to torment in order to eat the secretions of her udder. No food will ever be worth that price.



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