Either I like it or hate it: crushes are a new gastro trend

“Krusushi” or as it is also called “California croissant” – an unusual combination of croissant and sushi, which saw the world with the light hand of the American chef Holmes Bakehouse.

The idea to create such a dish came to him during a trip to the supermarket, when the chef was slowly strolling along the line of Asian cooking. Then, in his kitchen, he prepared sushi from smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, nori seaweed and wrapped them in … a croissant, sprinkled with sesame seeds. And since it’s hard to imagine sushi without soy sauce, Holmes decided to serve a croissant with a small portion of soy sauce.

This unusual combination quickly became the hallmark of his bakery. Even in spite of the fact that the price of this creation was not so little – $ 5, by 11 a.m. every day, the whole batch of krusush, as a rule, was already sold out.

But in social networks, the dish caused a heated debate. Some could not wait to try this creation, others declared that it was a crime against baking.


As noted by those who have already had a chance to eat crusush, they taste – although it is surprising – but pleasant, all the ingredients are successfully combined with each other. So the only task becomes – to abstract from the fact that this is a combination of croissant and sushi and enjoy a new non-ordinary taste. 

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