An application has appeared that estimates the noise level in a restaurant

It happens that you book a table in some restaurant where you have wanted to visit for a long time. But upon arrival, you suddenly discover that in the next hall there is a banquet and, in general, the music is simply deafening, leaving no chance for a cozy and long-awaited dinner.

The first step towards solving this problem was made by the creators of the IHearU application, Lend a Ear (Seattle, USA). It is completely free and was created specifically so that users can inform other people about the volume level in the places where they eat. 

In addition to giving subjective feedback about noise in cafes and restaurants, the IHearU app can also measure noise levels in decibels.

According to the developers, the purpose of this application is not to harm the reputation of catering establishments, but simply to enable people to find quieter places to eat and communicate with loved ones. 


Unfortunately, the app is currently only available to people living in San Francisco, but several other American cities will also be able to use it throughout the year. But, of course, the main goal of the developers is to bring the IHearU app to the world level. 

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