Editors ‘ Choice: recipes May-2019

In May, the editorial board of “Eating at Home” and the users of the site opened the picnic season with grilled dishes, bright drinks and original snacks. Friends, how many interesting dishes have you prepared! There are plenty of ideas to choose from for a trip out of town, for a festive table, and to please your loved ones. Hardly anyone will refuse delicious wings with barbecue sauce, fragrant bread with spices or refreshing homemade kvass. Then let’s cook together! For you, we have selected the best May recipes from the users of “Eating at Home”.

Oatmeal bread with cranberries and walnuts

Homemade cakes from the author Elena always turn out delicious. This time we would like to recommend you oatmeal bread with cranberries and nuts. The cooking process is not complicated at all — you do not need any special devices or skills.

Chia pudding with mango

If you want to cook a delicious and healthy breakfast, pay attention to the recipe of the author Olga. Chia pudding with mango is a storehouse of vitamins. And also, if you use portioned transparent jars, the dish will turn out bright and beautiful.

Oatmeal with salmon

The author Svetlana writes: “Oatmeal is the basis for a healthy dish. It can be prepared, for example, with yogurt and fruit as a dessert option, or you can serve it with cream cheese and salmon, as I like. Oatmeal is simple, healthy, tasty and satisfying. Try it and see for yourself!”

Turkey ham with olives

“I suggest you cook a very tasty and healthy ham with the addition of olives. I am sure that after trying this homemade delicacy, your family will refuse store-bought ham. You can experiment with additives: instead of olives, add olives or nuts to taste — pistachios or walnuts are perfect. In this version, for more juiciness and delicate taste, I added a little fatty pork. But if you want to get a more dietary option, then you can completely do without it, ” the author Victoria shares the recipe and useful tips.

Ginger ale

Users of the website “We Eat at Home” do not cease to surprise with a variety of culinary ideas. The author Elena tells how you can prepare a delicious refreshing ginger ale at home. You will need a little patience, but the result will meet all expectations. Be sure to try it!

Tartine with smoked paprika

Author Inna shares a proven recipe for homemade bread: “This tartine with buckwheat flour and smoked paprika is very fragrant, with a soft crumb and a thin crispy crust. I highly recommend it!”

Snack tubes with sausage and onions

Tubes with sausage and onions are a delicious and quick-to-prepare snack: for a picnic or breakfast as a delicious hearty snack. The filling can be varied to your taste. If you take pastries for a picnic, you can wrap it in foil and heat it on the grill. It turns out a snack with smoke! Thank you for the recipe of the author Olga!

Strawberry lemonade

It’s time to cook delicious homemade lemonades! For example, try this refreshing drink with strawberries from the author of Urnisa. And if you want variety, add citrus fruits, aromatic herbs (mint, basil, lemon balm, etc.), use different water (regular, carbonated) and sweeten to taste: ordinary sugar, honey, various syrups. And it will always be bright and delicious! 

Cod in a sauce with basil and cherry tomatoes

The author Elena tells how to cook delicious white fish. Add a fragrant vegetable sauce to it, and your guests will be delighted. This dish is self-sufficient and completely finished to taste. 

Wings in barbecue sauce

Going on a picnic? Be sure to cook the wings in barbecue sauce according to the recipe of the author Irina. The dish is simple, but very tasty! Your loved ones will definitely like it.

Oatmeal-cottage cheese pie

If you take care of your health and adhere to proper nutrition, you will have a recipe for oatmeal-cottage cheese pie without added sugar from the author Anna by the way. Delicious and healthy!

Bread kvass “From childhood”

Kvass is probably the most summer drink. Who among us does not remember the barrels of kvass and the queues lining up at them? We offer you to prepare homemade kvass, as the author Yana does, and enjoy the taste familiar from childhood!

Chicken roll with egg layer

Chicken roll with egg filling will be a wonderful treat for a festive table. And you can also take it with you as a snack for a picnic. We thank the author Tatiana for such a universal recipe!

Bon-bon Chicken wings

Is chicken wings banal? We hasten to surprise you: even they can be prepared in a special way. The author Elena shared an unusual recipe that you can repeat in your kitchen.

Buckwheat cookies with dates

Another useful dessert is buckwheat cookies with dates from the author Natalia. It turns out to be moderately sweet and at the same time very useful. Help yourself!

Dear friends, thank you for sharing interesting recipes with us and revealing the secrets of culinary skill! We are waiting for your new recipes!

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