What do vegetarians eat?

Every vegetarian is faced with the question: “Don’t you eat meat? “What do you eat then?” For many adherents of traditional food, a table without sausages and cutlets seems inconceivable. If you want to try a vegetarian lifestyle, but do not know how to replace your usual meat dishes – this article is for you. So, what do vegetarians eat? Meat and fish are just two products, and there are also many plant foods on Earth: a variety of fruits and vegetables, berries, cereals, legumes and other cereals, nuts, herbs – all this in a huge assortment can be found even in the smallest population paragraph. And this is not to mention dairy products, which are consumed in a wide variety. Almost any traditional dish can be prepared as a vegetarian variation. In some dishes, meat can simply not be put. For example, vegetable stews, cabbage rolls or stuffed bell peppers have excellent taste even without animal products. Also, vegetables in various proportions can be baked in the oven, grilled, pickled, cooked vegetable soups. And besides the well-known squash caviar, you can also cook eggplant caviar, beetroot caviar, bell pepper lecho, adjika … Dozens of different recipes can be prepared from any vegetable for every taste.It so happened that the Russian vegetarian culture draws a lot from Vedic cooking. Indeed, Vedic cuisine opens up enormous opportunities for a beginner lacto-vegetarian. One of the most popular Indian dishes is sabji. Sabji is a kind of stew where vegetables are cut into large cubes, fried separately, and then usually stewed, often in sour cream or creamy sauce. However, vegetarian cuisine is not limited to lean borscht and vegetable stews. Legumes occupy an honorable place in the kitchen of any self-respecting “green” hostess. In addition to the usual peas and beans, there are such valuable products as chickpeas,,, soy. You can find a dozen varieties of beans alone on Russian shelves. The value of legumes is their high protein content. Beans are an excellent substitute for the still familiar meat in soups, go well with stewed and fried vegetables, they can be used to make excellent gravies and filling for dumplings. And lentil, chickpea or soy cutlets will surprise any gourmet with their taste. Having switched to vegetarianism, they will gradually pull exactly on, since they do not lose precious vitamins and structural cellular bonds as when processing traditional food. It can be difficult at first to get used to a new diet and use unfamiliar ingredients correctly. Fortunately, there are dozens of Russian-language vegetarian culinary sites on the Internet, where thousands of recipes for delicious and healthy food from all over the world are collected. And in numerous “veg-communities”, experienced fellows will gladly share their culinary experiences with newcomers.


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