Fun Facts About Cashew Nuts

Everyone knows that cashew nuts are tasty and healthy. In India, many national vegetarian dishes are prepared on the basis of cashews, such as Malai Kofta and Shahi Paneer. 

  • Cashews are native to Brazil, but are currently grown mainly in India, Brazil, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria.
  • The name of the nut comes from the Portuguese “caju”
  • Cashews are a great source of fiber, protein, zinc and B vitamins.
  • Cashews are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help increase “good” cholesterol and reduce “bad” cholesterol.
  • Cashew shells are toxic. Raw fruits are surrounded by a shell that contains urushiol, a resin that can cause rashes.
  • The nut belongs to the same family as mango, pistachio and poison ivy.
  • Cashew grows from an apple. The nut itself comes from a fruit called the cashew apple. It is used to add to juices and jams, as well as in the preparation of Indian liquor. From this fact it follows that the cashew is, in fact, not a nut, but the seed of the cashew apple fruit.

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