Tips for environmentally conscious travelers

1) Fly direct Airplanes use more fuel during takeoff and landing, so by choosing direct flights, you are helping the environment in some way. The more luggage you take with you, the heavier the plane, the more fuel it needs, and the more carbon dioxide is released during the flight. Keep this in mind when you pack your fifth pair of shoes and try to travel light. If the problem of ecology does not leave you indifferent, plant a tree or donate to some charitable organization that is engaged in nature conservation and forest protection. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Of course, in our time, we cannot refuse to travel by plane, but it is in our power to plant trees or not to let them be cut down. 2) Keep track of the technical condition of your car Regularly pass technical inspection, change oil, check tire pressure, serviceability of brake pads, do not forget to change air filters in time … – all this affects gasoline consumption. 3) Use cruise control On the highways, use the cruise control system, this significantly reduces gasoline consumption – both environmentally and economically. And the speed limit mode will save you from unnecessary fines. 4) Stay in eco hotels When booking a hotel, do a little research. Now there are quite a few eco-hotels that are attentive to environmental protection: they use alternative energy sources, do not pollute the soil and water bodies with waste, and offer guests vegetarian food from natural products. 5) Consciously use resources But even in an ordinary hotel, you can show your eco-responsibility: use water sparingly, turn off the air conditioner, lights and TV when you leave the room. And by the way, do you also change towels every day at home? 6) See the sights on a bike A good way to get to know the city is to walk around it, and an even better way is to rent a bike. Especially in Europe. What compares to a bike ride through the winding streets of the old city? You don’t have to worry about parking, and bike rental prices are very reasonable. 7) Use public transport If you want to embrace the immensity and see as many interesting places as possible in a new city, use public transport. Tourist buses, of course, will take you to all the sights, but you will have limited time to visit each place. It is much cheaper to get to them by public transport, and you can enjoy your favorite place to the fullest. As a rule, in hotels at the reception there is a schedule of public transport. Happy travels!

Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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