Editorial Vegetarian recommends: what to give on March 8th

by Karina Cox

A gift without a hint that it’s time to shed the kilos gained over the winter. Detox from Karina Koks differs from all other courses, because it is very simple, gentle, without starvation and other tests for the body. It helps to gradually come to a conscious way of life step by step. This is a great gift for a woman who respects herself and wants to become better.

Fly yoga studio membership

If your girlfriend is into yoga or sports, give her a subscription to fly yoga, which is popular these days, so that she can really enjoy stretching in a hammock. In addition to the benefits for the body, this type of yoga also has a positive effect on mental health. By the way, we even had a trial lesson correspondent who admitted that he would like to do fly yoga all the time.

yoga mat in

Is your yogini actively practicing, but she still doesn’t have her own yoga mat? Or is it there, but already pretty worn out? It’s time to give her a new, beautiful, high-quality and reliable! At Ramayoga you can find a rug for every taste, color, size, material and wallet. And don’t forget to get carpet cleaners so that its owner can always keep it clean.

Sports bag

An adept of a healthy lifestyle will always need a sports bag in which you can carry everything you need for fitness, swimming, yoga or any other type of activity. In addition to stylish and functional bags, in FV Sport you can also find beautiful clothes for sports, home and leisure, or simply purchase a gift certificate so that the lady chooses a gift for herself.

Ayurvedic treatments in

What woman doesn’t love spas and beauty treatments? If ordinary certificates for beauty salons are already boring, feel free to give a certificate for Ayurveda services. At the Aryan Clinic, where highly qualified specialists work, you can purchase a gift certificate for cleansing programs, Ayurvedic massages, physical relaxation and mental soothing treatments and much more!

A florarium (or in other words – a terrarium) is a wonderful gift for a mother or grandmother who loves plants very much. On the site “EcoPeople” you can find a design of any size and shape. The owner of the gift will be able to plant cacti, flowers in it, decorate it with stones, grass and whatever she wants!


Most women love to cook! Give her a book of healthy vegetarian or vegan recipes so she can delight you more often! The choice is really great: the book “Go Green” by Ali Samokhina, “Young-Green” by Nina Finaeva and many others!

Chocolate or candy set

What is March 8 without sweets? Chocolate, sweets and other confectionery products with the “Vegan” label will appeal to absolutely all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity: mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, colleague! We give you a tip on the amazing chocolate products, in the assortment of which there is a dried fig with a chocolate and nut filling, which tastes simply divine!

This seemingly small gift is a real pass to the world of discounts in ethical stores, clubs, yoga centers and beauty salons! A great gift for colleagues at work, as well as a good hint for that very friend who wants to go vegetarian, but still can’t go! 

Vegan bags, backpacks and beauty bags

There are never too many bags – and this is a fact. Vegan and ethical bags – even more so. AHIMSA makes handmade vegan bags from eco-leather. And, importantly, all backpacks, cosmetic bags, wallets and bags are very stylish and functional! Take a closer look at the lavender positions, because the color of delicate lavender is the hit of the season!

Eco leather accessories

Just look at the drawings that flaunt on Anastar Shop vegan products! You can give a backpack with such a watercolor pattern to a gentle, delicate nature that loves pastel colors and unusual accessories. There are not only backpacks, but also wallets of various shapes and sizes, as well as large and small handbags.

Cooking courses in

Vegetarian school Veggie School offers a variety of green cooking courses, such as Vegetarian Cooking, Vedic Cooking, World of Spice, Green Kitchen – Raw food, and many more! If your girlfriend, friend or mother wants to learn how to cook healthy culinary masterpieces, feel free to send them there!

ethical cosmetics

Woman and cosmetics are inseparable concepts. Fortunately, in our time, the market for ethical vegan certified cosmetics is very large! Buy gift sets in and, natural cosmetics in, products certified according to European standards, and also (by the way, our editor-in-chief advises her, and this is a very big indicator!).

Pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings with sacred symbols

A girl’s best friend is no longer diamonds. If you are thinking of giving jewelry as a gift, feel free to go to the Mark2you online store. Spiritual nature will really like original bracelets in the form of a feather or with the image of chakras, unusual rings, pendants with the Om symbol and much more!

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