Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

Snakes appear to be scary and unpleasant creatures even in reality: they are poisonous, they crawl into the most unexpected places in the house or appear right under your feet when you walk somewhere in nature. Meeting with snakes can happen not only in reality.

Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

What does it mean when you dreamed of a snake? This can be interpreted in different ways, but you should not be scared right away.

What is the point of dreaming about snakes in general

Interpretations in general call the snake a very strong symbol. On the one hand, these are various types of vital energy: sexual, spiritual, aggressive. Also means healing power. But sometimes the snakes will come off due to the fact that serious problems and difficulties await you, the appearance of enemies and mean people. It all depends on the details of the dream.

How many snakes did you dream about?

  • Many. This dream means the fulfillment of a long-standing dream to obtain a managerial position. If you saw a snake’s nest – you have doubts about the decision you made. A lot of snakes in a dream foreshadow the realization of events that can very painfully hit your inner world, disrupt your mental balance.
  • Ball. To see a coil of snake in a dream means that you are dissatisfied with yourself, there is a struggle in your soul, and an internal conflict is possible. Listen to your heart, follow your desires and dreams.
  • Two snakes will be removed due to an internal struggle, and may also mean that you need to prepare to fight for your own principles and success.

Why dream of many snakes – the answers of different dream books

According to different dream books, there are different interpretations of this dream:

  • Wangi’s dream book. Many snakes in a dream are many enemies in life, waiting for a convenient moment to attack you. Be careful, don’t trust everyone and everything.
  • Miller’s dream book. A large number of snakes in a dream is a symbol of imminent danger. Someone from your environment wants to betray you.
  • the dream book of Nostradamus says that in a dream there are many snakes – this is the approach of diseases, betrayals and tricks. Take a closer look at who you communicate with, think about who can plot and intrigue against you.

What does a snake do in a dream?

Depending on what the snake is doing in your dream, you can learn a lot of interesting things. We will talk about the most common actions of snakes in dreams and what they mean.

If all dreams are bitten by a snake, it usually means creating all the conditions for new projects, actions, dreams, undertakings, and on the other hand, it can mean health problems, betrayal, deception.

Which snake tasted?

  • Black: communication with unfamiliar people, possibly fraudsters. You should be careful when communicating with strangers.
  • White: a generous gift from fate, for which you may not be quite ready. If you unexpectedly receive a lot of valuables, dispose of them wisely, or you will lose everything.

Who or what did the snake taste?

  • For a child: absent-mindedness can bring very complex consequences and problems. It is worth tuning in to the positive, then trouble will pass.
  • Hand: Competitors can deliver a very strong and complex blow that will shake your power.
  • For the finger: something was planned against you.
  • For a leg: a powerful and cunning opponent will appear who can disrupt your plans and cause you serious harm. Betrayal from someone whom you trusted for a long time is possible.
Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?


An attack from the side of a snake should be perceived in general as a call for aggravation of health problems, and therefore it is best to surround yourself with care as much as possible. Focus your attention on your well-being.

If there are several snakes and they attack, it means that envious people will try with all their might to put a stain on your reputation.

Runs away, crawls

If your snake runs away or crawls away, it means victory over your enemies. If she returns, then it is best not to relax and let them out of sight, because the next time will be even more difficult.

If in your dream a snake just crawls by in its affairs, it means that you will get money due to a chance acquaintance, maybe you will even get a new friend. But if a snake has crossed your path, expect trouble due to secret enemies and envious people.


If a snake does not bite, but strangles in a dream, it means that problems can surround you in a tight circle, news about the illness of a close or loved one is possible.

Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

What did you do with the snake in your dream?

  • Not only the actions of the snake towards you are important, but also your reaction and interaction with it.
  • Kill the snake. Hands – a large-scale war with the enemy awaits, which will be exhausting, but to which it is worth making maximum efforts. With a knife – innocent people can get hurt during the battle.
  • If you feed snakes in a dream, your enemies will not be able to harm you.
  • If you cut off the snake’s head, then you better prepare to fight with competitors, you will win in it only when you put in maximum effort. If you tear off the head of a snake in a dream, it means a miserable victory over the enemy.
  • Run away from the snake. If you are running away from a snake in a dream, it means that you are trying to hide your desires from others and from yourself.
  • Catch a snake. You should be careful if you did it yourself. And if someone else did it, all your worries will be in vain. If the snake is caught, you will gain mental balance and open new perspectives for yourself.

What color did the snake dream about?

  • Black. Enemies and attacks on relatives that will have to be fought. Health problems.
  • white Incredible character, easy profit, money. But all this is the result of a lot of work.
  • Green A good sign that means good changes in life, a new period with hopes and accomplishments.
  • A yellow snake means infidelity and hypocrisy, maybe someone close to you planned a mean concession against you. A yellow snake in the house – to wisdom and sin.
  • Red snake – to a breakdown in relations with the other half, lack of mutual understanding. Control your emotions.
  • Rozhiv Meanness and betrayal, someone wants to harm you and not get punished for it.
  • Gold means that not everything is as simple as you think. What can be liked and admired can bring serious reputational losses.
  • Brown is a characteristic of your friends, relatives or colleagues. Some of them are plotting against you, gossiping.
  • A blue snake portends you an easy pastime, communication with loved ones and the joy of having fortune on your side.
  • With yellow spots – deception and sadness.
  • Blue is a wrong choice and a depressive streak in life.

A colorful snake means that bright adventures, incredible events, interesting acquaintances, but also various passions and temptations await you.

Where was the snake in the dream?

In house. A snake at home means that you will have to leave your home because someone is offended by you. If you are in an apartment, then expect household problems.

On the street, a snake means that good turns of fate are waiting for you, higher forces reliably protect you, even if you do not believe in them.

In bed. If you dreamed of a snake near your bed, it means that someone is deceiving you. You should also not leave things unattended, so as not to become a victim of thieves. If you are married, it can mean treason.

Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

One who dreamed of a snake: what to do

According to Vanga and Miller’s dream books, a snake means deception. Small snakes will stand up to a small lie, and large snakes symbolize serious betrayal.

A woman dreams of a snake – she worries about her child, future, loved ones, but in this situation you should not listen to those around you. If a woman dreamed that she tasted a dead snake, it means that soon a loved one will show his true, rotten face.

The snake dreamed of a man that it was time to remember his sexuality, male strength. This is what Freud’s dream book says.

I dreamed of a snake: the answer of different dream books

Dream interpretations of different countries will explain dreams about snakes in their own way. However, in most of them, the snake does not predict anything good. Only occasionally do snakes in dreams portend cash bonuses and a strong solution to problems.

dream book of Nostradamus

A snake, according to a French astrologer, does not mean anything good. She is a symbol of the fall into sin, tricks and all the evil that is present in a person.

If you often see snakes in your dreams, be careful during the years of the snake according to the Chinese calendar. The next unlucky year is 2025.

But what does the dream book of Nostradamus warn about, if the snake just dreamed once?

  • The great black snake is a great and terrible evil.
  • A two-headed snake – you can become a victim of a big and terrible lie or someone else’s hypocrisy.
  • Kill a snake in a dream – get rid of the enemy.
  • Does a snake wonder at you for a long time in a dream? Then be respectful, because in reality evil and influential people look at you respectfully.
  • If you dream that a snake has tasted it, then be careful with your words and actions, because a terrible dispute and even a scandal may start due to your fault.
  • If a snake is wrapped around someone’s neck, it means that this person is in dire danger. And if the snake is wrapped around an object, then you should be more careful with it – it may break soon.
  • If in a dream you see a tangle of snakes, then in reality intrigues and gossip await you, in which you will become the main character. And a snake curled up in a ring means that you have an unexpected and secret enemy.
  • If a snake fell on you from a height, then in real life disaster or a large number of problems may fall on you.

Vanga’s dream book: snake

  • A crawling snake – a fight with a rival, an enemy. If this snake is poisonous, then you will lose this battle.
  • A tangle of snakes – there are many enemies, envious people around. They want you to fail and fail in your endeavors. Communicate more carefully with acquaintances so as not to trust the enemy.
  • The snake tasted – you will feel deep disappointment, but it is on the right side of an unkind person and an envious person.
  • If a snake is sleeping in a dream, it means that your enemies are waiting for the right moment to attack. You may not recover from this blow, so hold on as hard and as seriously as possible.
  • If the snake squeezes the neck, it means that you can learn about the fatal disease of the one whose neck the snake wrapped around.
  • A big snake in a dream is a big problem or tragedy.
Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

Miller’s dream book about a snake

In Miller’s dream book, the appearance of a snake is a warning of evil. Big, small, insidious and not so – all the appearance of snakes in this dream book – to the bad.

  • A snake that bites – vulnerability to someone else’s meanness. If a woman had such a dream, then you should expect hypocrisy from friends.
  • If a snake fell on you, you will fight for your truth and existence, and then you will be gnawed by remorse.
  • To kill a snake in a dream means that you are ready for anything to solve your problems, even bad misdeeds.

However, we found a positive interpretation of a dream about snakes in Miller’s dream book:

If you see snakes in the water or water snakes, it means that a feeling of pure joy awaits you, a pleasant holiday.

Modern dream book: snake

  • If you were bitten by a snake, expect danger and betrayal from a close friend or girlfriend.
  • If the snake is only going to taste, then it is powerless in front of its enemies.
  • If a snake tasted someone else in a dream, it means that you can quarrel with this person.
  • To step over a snake is a warning about illness.
  • Hold a slippery snake, hold it in your hands or catch it – you will defeat your enemies.
  • Kill a snake – you will have to defend your opinion and interests, and only then will your enemies lose.
  • To crush the snake’s head means to put a bad man in his place.
  • Instead of a snake’s hair or a snake in your hair, you focus too much on small things.
  • Snake-dragon – you will receive the support of an influential person, acquire a good friend.
  • Amazing and whimsical snakes – the problems are minor, you need to find a creative solution and move on.
  • To strangle a snake – the marriage or current relationship is devoid of joy.
  • A snake in the house – turn off the taps and gas, because there may be dangers while you are at work or visiting.
  • A snake in your bosom, a snake as a friend – you have a good reputation.

Assyrian dream book

If you caught a snake in a dream, think that you got a patron and a strong defender.

Islamic dream book: snake

  • The appearance of a snake is trouble from the enemy.
  • A big snake is a strong enemy. Small – a tiny problem or dispute.
  • A hand snake, a snake with which you are friends in a dream – enrichment and a money chance.
  • A snake attacked you in a dream – soon you will have problems with those who are higher than you in terms of status.
Dreams About Snakes: What Do They Mean?

Tsvetkov’s dream book

According to this dream book, a snake means that betrayals, tricks, various diseases are waiting for you. However, all these situations can be turned around.

If you killed a snake in a dream, then according to Tsvetkov’s dream book, you can believe that you will overcome all bad weather and sad problems.

If you dreamed of a white snake, you will receive wonderful and partly strange help.

Loff’s dream book

According to David Loff’s dream book, a dream about a snake hardly means anything good.

  • If a snake has shed its skin in a dream, you will have problems, but you will easily escape from them and deal with them.
  • If one of your friends or acquaintances is holding a snake in their hands, has caught or tamed it, listen to this person’s advice. She knows exactly what to do with problematic situations.

Ayurvedic dream book

According to Ayurvedic interpretations, a dream about a snake means that you have cunning and dangerous envious and enemies.

Freud’s dream book

  • A woman’s dream about a snake is a fear of sexual intercourse. If a man dreams of a dream – or hidden homosexual inclinations, or – an active sex life, a desire for it.
  • If a snake bites, it means that soon your sex life will change thanks to a new man, pleasant changes in your personal life.
  • Hunting snakes is an active sexual life.
  • Running away from a snake means avoiding sex due to internal problems.
  • Admiring a snake, seeing a beautiful snake in a dream means getting pleasure from experiments in bed.

Miss Hasse’s dream book: snake

According to this dream book, it is believed that it is the woman who is hostile towards you. If a woman dreamed of a snake, then it should be taken as a clear sign that there are enemies and they are terrible.

To kill a snake means to get out of a problematic situation with your head held high.

Lunar dream book

According to this dream book, you should pay attention to your health if you dreamed of a snake.

Why do little snakes dream

And there are answers to this question – interpretations. And again you are in danger. According to Miller’s dream book, small snakes dream of a big deception. People you trust can be sneaky and gossip behind your back.

Why do snakes dream of a woman

According to Miller – to the threat. First of all, a woman dreams of snakes if she is worried about her child, according to Miller’s dream book. As an option, well-wishers will offer her to abandon a dear person “for his own good.” And if a woman is bitten by a dead snake, then you will have to suffer from the hypocrisy of a loved one.

Why do snakes dream of a man

A separate approach to what snakes dream of is according to Freud’s dream book. He believed that the serpent was associated with the penis. And therefore, such a dream speaks of the high sexuality of a man.

Why dream that a snake has bitten

The dream warns, according to Miller’s dream book, that, alas, the enemies have found a gap in your defense and will strike. And you can’t resist him. Vanga agrees – most likely, you will not immediately understand who caused you damage. And this will be a close person, possibly turning to black magic. According to Nostradamus, this means that you are experiencing great difficulties and it is not easy for you. And also – to a big scandal, maybe even a political one. And according to Freud, everything indicates treason. Sexual relations will be violated by the “third wheel”.

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What is the dream of a dead snake

If a snake stung another, then you run the risk of offending a loved one. If you see how snakes threaten to sting, then it means to avert trouble, to uncover a conspiracy. This is according to Miller’s dream book. Vanga believes that this may be a message about a fatal illness of a person close to you. Nostradamus – that this person is in real danger. Freud adds in his own way – you are not indifferent to this person who has been bitten. Well, you get the idea.

Why dream of killing a snake

You have enough strength to defeat your enemies (according to Miller’s dream book). Vanga believes that to kill the snake means that the dark forces will retreat. According to Tsvetkov’s dream book – to peace, to the opportunity to honorably get out of a dangerous situation. According to the dream book of Nostradamus – escape from the enemy. According to Freud, the snake is not killed. She is kissed – and this means that the person likes oral sex. And if they are chasing a snake, it means they are ready for active sex.

Why dream that a snake attacked

This is an attempt to cope with the situation, and torment, and pangs of conscience. (according to Miller’s dream book).

Why do snakes dream?
A snake attacking in a dream is a sign of torment and pangs of conscience. Photo: pixabay.com

What is the dream of a white snake

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, a white snake guarantees unexpected, strange help. Where did not wait.

What is the dream of a big black snake

According to Nostradamus, to great evil.

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