Vegan brand PETUXE – healthy coat for dogs and cats

Caring Above All

When we take responsibility for a living being, sometimes we do not realize how much our lifestyle, mood, habits can affect his well-being. Chain stores have a huge selection of food and care products for four-legged pets, but caring owners have long bypassed such departments – many mass-market offers are simply dangerous for the health of cats and dogs! And if it is still possible to solve the issue of ethical and healthy feeding, then there is a huge gap in the field of gentle care for the skin and coat of the animal.

Veganism implies respect for all living beings, so when looking for products for dogs and cats, you should focus on the same principles as for humans:

1) The manufacturer must not test the product on other animals

2) In the process of creating a product, there should not be a negative impact on the environment

3) The composition of the product should not include products of animal origin, non-natural, harmful surfactants (surfactants), parabens and other components harmful to health

More recently, a brand has appeared in Russia that meets all of the above requirements – this is the first vegan line of cosmetics for dogs and cats PETUXE®.

under tight control

PETUXE® brand products are made in Spain, and the owners of the company carefully check the environmental certification of all suppliers of plant materials used in the process of creating cosmetics for animals, and also ensure that the environment does not suffer during production.

The composition of products for dogs and cats includes only natural ingredients of mineral and vegetable origin. Thanks to a special formula, the shampoos foam perfectly and have maximum washing power so that the pet’s coat always shines with cleanliness, looks well-groomed and beautiful.


PETUXE® products are one of the few cosmetic lines that are tested in the production process on humans and are not tested on animals!

The PETUXE line includes shampoos for white, black wool, for sensitive skin, for long-haired animals, for puppies and kittens. However, any of the brand’s products can “adjust” to any type of wool, so that it dries faster, without causing unnecessary inconvenience to either the owner or the pet.

Shumilova Olga Alexandrovna, director of Amigo Company LLC, the official distributor of PETUXE® in Russia:

– Our entire team tries to adhere to the principles of veganism, since we all love animals very much. We have always wanted our pets to grow up healthy and happy, so we have taken the most responsible approach to the issue of selecting effective, ethical products for dogs and cats that we present to our customers. PETUXE® is a brand that you can completely trust: thanks to the natural composition, shampoos are absolutely harmless to animals and humans, are economically consumed, do not pollute the environment and meet all the requirements of veganism.

Interestingly, PETUXE® products are very popular among groomers, and veterinarians also recommend using them before treating a pet for fleas and ticks: it is enough to wash a cat or dog using a shampoo suitable for its type of coat, and after complete drying, apply special antiparasitic drops to an already clean the withers of the animal.

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