Prayer for Children: 5 Top Daily Prayers for Health and Well-Being

Prayers are the best amulet, the strongest protection for the whole family

Believers in difficult moments of life should turn to the Lord for help. The most powerful is prayer for children. Mother, father and other relatives should ask the Mother of God, Christ, so that they have mercy and send health to the child, give more strength and faith, do not hurt the soul and body. Prayers are the best amulet, the strongest protection for the whole family.

On the power of a mother’s prayer

Christian prayer is the so-called “conversation of the mind”, because the one who asks is talking to the Almighty himself and is not ashamed of his hopeless situation. The clergy call it “the path to God”, “doing”, “serving the higher powers.” The Holy Fathers explain that a mother’s prayer for her children and those of others is regarded as an activity of the heart and has great power. Saints define prayer as “a request for something from Jesus.”

Motherhood is considered a special calling. A woman who gives birth to a child will stand up for him with a mountain, give everything, if only the child is happy and healthy. The mother takes care of the children and takes care of them. Believing families visit temples and churches every Sunday, do not neglect Orthodox traditions and fast regularly.

The power of a mother’s prayer works wonders, because love for a daughter, a son is disinterested. A native person from the first day of a baby’s life will worry about him, take responsibility and educate him. Mom teaches the child something new, watches his first steps, fills him with spiritual strength, helps to understand what values ​​exist.

Prayer and blessing of the mother are effective. They are able to give the child protection from ill-wishers, strengthen the bond between blood relatives, and even heal. God commanded that children honor their parents, and they, in turn, guaranteed protection for children, gave warmth and taught them.

If a daughter or son offends her mother, father, then a sad fate awaits them. Fathers often tell the story of Blessed Augustine, who dedicated touching words to his mother. He wrote that his mother mourned him like no other, and Christ heard her prayers, tears and took pity, taking Augustine out of the darkness.

Prayer will work if:

  • pronounce the text regularly;
  • do not lose faith;
  • thank the Lord for all the good things and not remember the bad moments;
  • properly prepare for reading the text, do not swear before it, do not do the wrong things;
  • pray in simple words and with good thoughts.

A strong prayer, uttered to oneself or out loud, will help the child get on the right path, improve his well-being, and help cope with depression and worries. If you teach a child to pray, he will understand what the essence of faith is, how exactly the scriptures affect a person. The angel will help, take under the protection of the one who asks.

The clergy note that the mother’s prayer is always heard by Jesus. He helps if he wants to. Sometimes difficulties are necessary for a family to re-evaluate their way of life, actions and understand how to live righteously.

Who to pray for a child

The most powerful prayer for children is said to the Mother of God, Jesus Christ and God. Requests to the Holy Trinity, guardian angels are effective. Parents often ask holy martyrs for health and long life for their children. Sacred texts spoken in front of the icons have a special power.

The Mother of God is an intercessor before God. Young mothers should turn to her for help. Nicholas the Wonderworker will always hear and help. The Orthodox world believes that he is the protector of babies and will not leave newborn and older children in trouble. For him, all minors are equal, he is supportive, kind and peaceful.

It is worth praying for children not only in church, but also at home. Special icons with images of martyrs and saviors will bring harmony, tranquility to the house and become a real talisman. Powerful icons: “Speaky”, “Addition of the mind” and “Education”.

Prayer for children and grandchildren, so that they study well, are not illiterate, stay healthy, is pronounced to the patron saints:

  • Mitrofan of Voronezh;
  • John of Kronstadt;
  • Sergius of Radonezh and others.

Many priests note that help always comes from God. There is an opinion that the Mother of God, angels and saints do not perform a miracle on their own, but through the Lord. Saints become petitioners before the Creator. They intercede before God for sinners and those who need the support of the Almighty.

For the prayer to work, you must choose a protector among the saints. Parents in each specific situation should pray to certain angels. Saint Mitrofan helps in his studies. He guides the child, reveals his abilities, improves skills.

Nicholas the Wonderworker should pray when: there is no understanding with the child, there are frequent scandals in the family, the baby is constantly sick, there is no rapprochement with the daughter or son. The miracle worker helps in many situations. It allows you to understand who is guilty in this or that situation, to find the strength to move on. Nicholas offers his intercession, relieves chronic diseases, prevents the occurrence of complex diseases.

Nikolai will protect children from ill-wishers, evil looks and damage. It helps with the loss of a loved one, especially if the firstborn has died. The saint does not leave his wards in difficult times. He will give advice in dreams, guide you on the true path, help you find a good companion or companion.

The texts of prayers uttered by mother and father with good intentions will not remain unheard by either the saints or the Lord. Stepparents should definitely pray for adopted children. Reading the Bible together will bring the child and caregivers closer together. There are no conflicts and scandals in believing families, because love, grace and understanding reign in them.

How to say prayers for children

A Special Prayer for Your Children | Joyce Meyer

A mother’s prayer for children should be read every day. Even if the child is already an adult, parents often ask the saints for their child a better life, realization, a happy marriage, good earnings, abundance.

If mom and dad have not seen a child for a long time, it is worth reading the sacred text in order to protect a loved one from misfortunes, unpleasant and life-threatening situations. Prayer to the Creator is not something shameful. Christ will be the companion and protector of sons and daughters, grandchildren and granddaughters.

A woman can say a prayer in her own words, simply ask the Lord for health, longevity, good luck in all endeavors and areas, or use the canonical texts approved by the clergy. The Holy Fathers have been reading the same prayers during services for many years, because they are proven and never fail.

Priests give advice to mothers and fathers on how to pray and ask for the best for their children:

  1. The most powerful prayer should be said when the baby is still in the womb. The text “Our Father” will be effective. The text is read slowly and without emotional strain.
  2. Before prayer, you can fast, clear your thoughts of the bad. This is not a mandatory rule, but abstaining from meat dishes and other forbidden foods will allow you to rethink your life. Pregnant women should not fast.
  3. The mother’s prayer becomes stronger if she confesses before petitioning, reveals all her secrets to the priest, repents for all sins.
  4. Read texts in the morning and before bed. At this time, the effect of prayers will be intensified. If a woman wants to pray during the day or in a place not designated for this, it’s not scary, the main thing is to do it with a pure heart and faith.
  5. You can’t read prayers in a bad mood, treats what is happening with skepticism and ridicule. If a person does something and does not understand why, then the meaning of reading the sacred text is lost.
  6. An Orthodox prayer for children can be read in the room where the kids sleep or in a separate specially designated place. A mother can read “Our Father” while lying in bed, if her heart is heavy and she is tormented by incomprehensible thoughts.
  7. It is forbidden while reading a prayer for children to respond angrily about God, saints, look at the clock in order to keep track of the time spent on the sacrament.

Prayer should not be for show, because it will not work, and the one who asks will only get upset and angry with the Almighty. It is not necessary to learn the text, as it is not a spell or a ritual. If the mother intends to meaningfully ask the Creator for what she needs, the Lord will send her a sign, give her approval for certain actions, then relief will come.

Texts can be taken from books purchased at the church, and even online resources. Special prayer books help you choose a prayer to protect your child. While reading, do not be in a strong emotional state. Excessive joy, surprise or euphoria will not help the plan come true faster, heal the child and send him a protective angel to help him.

Regular readings of prayers discipline, have a cumulative effect. The more a woman asks for the best for a child, the easier it will be for him in life. It is advisable to ask for health, knowledge, blessings from the saints and God, looking at the icons. If a person is very religious, a special corner with images and a lamp should be equipped in his house.


Bible verses to use in prayer for children

Parents should pray for their children and for their health in order to raise worthy heirs. God gives wisdom, patience, so that mother and father teach their daughter and son to trust Christ, love prayer and not forget God’s commandments.

You can also ask God to give a happy fate to children in verses from the Bible. The main verses concern:

  • instruction and admonition;
  • the salvation of a servant of God who is lost in this world, speaks foul language, abuses alcohol, alcohol;
  • purity;
  • knowledge of Jesus and the Creator, definitions of what the law of God is, good and evil deeds;
  • following God, correct religion;
  • maintaining fidelity to oneself, taking responsibility for one’s life, respect for relatives;
  • keeping the commandments;
  • healing and learning new things.

The appeal to the Lord and the angels in verse is powerful. They must name the child or several children. The text is usually short, so it is advisable to remember it and repeat it in moments of sadness, despair. When parents worry about their child, you need to say a verse from the Bible. It will help drive away evil spirits from the household, neutralize the evil eye of neighbors, acquaintances, and defeat the disease.

A mother can ask the Lord for health not only for the child, but also for herself. Hoping for mercy, the woman utters words about salvation and pardon. She thanks the Almighty for the fact that she has him, that she has the opportunity to turn to him for help. Usually a woman says “thank you” for the fact that God accepts her for who she is. Be sure to thank for the gifted opportunity to give birth to a healthy and strong baby.

The keeper of the family hearth in verse asks to endow her with wisdom, teach her to be righteous and understand what exactly is necessary for a child. The mother calls on God to give her sons and daughters respect for elders, kind hearts, long life.

The current verse that is allowed to be used in prayer for children is:

“I will enlighten you, I will guide you on the path that you should follow; I will guide you, My eye is on you.”

A verse for children to live righteously and trust in God:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. Do not be a wise man in your eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil: this will be health for your body and nourishment for your bones.”

Verse about healing, good health:

“The Lord will keep him (her) and save his (her) life. The Lord will strengthen him (her) on the sickbed.”

In order for the child to study well, try in the kindergarten and in the classroom at school, it is worth saying a small verse in prayer:

“Be understanding (the name of the servant of God) in every science, and understanding, and smart and fit to serve in the royal palace.”

A short prayer for the blessing of children

When a child is born, he is connected with the mother not only biologically, but also spiritually. Mom always worries about the newborn, and even when the child grows up, anxiety gnaws at her, she has various restless dreams. Most often, maternal instinct foresees that something is wrong with the child or that he is in serious trouble. In this case, prayers for children will help.

It is important that a believing woman knows the shortest prayers that help to avert trouble from her son, daughter. Prayer will help save the baby, and parental blessing will allow you to live a long and happy life.

The most common prayers are “Mother’s Blessing” and “Parents’ Blessing”. There is an opinion that they are read only before the marriage ceremony of a son or daughter, so that they live long and without conflicts with their soulmate. Indeed, such an Orthodox tradition exists, then a blessing can and should be given every time a child feels bad or he really needs it.

The prayer of blessing should be recited throughout the child’s life. The best time for the sacrament: morning, lunch, evening.

It is obligatory to read a prayer before the child leaves the house, eating food. When parents read prayers in the evening, it is necessary to remember the children and give them a blessing. It is necessary in moments of anxiety and anxiety, before important events in the life of a loved one.

An effective prayer before the son leaves to serve in the army. He will face various trials and hardships of war, he will be sad to leave home, but he will cope thanks to the protection of God. Parents not only give a blessing, but also go to church, light a candle for health and pray in front of the icons so that the child successfully completes the service and quickly returns to the parental home.

Prayer text:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, bless, sanctify, save my child by the power of Your Life-giving Cross.”

The sacrament will heal the child if he gets sick, save him from emotional experiences, and direct the child on the right path. Prayer will relieve the mother’s anxiety, she will become more calm and will understand that with her son, daughter next to her is a protector – a guardian angel.

Prayer for protection and protection for children

The Intercession of the Mother of God is a great Christian holiday. Prayer to the Mother of God is considered powerful. Parents should pray for the protection of their children and ask for protection. Often the Blessed One helps to successfully marry, find a soul mate, strengthen marriage and health. The Mother of God sends children to people who very much want to feel what motherhood and fatherhood are.

Morning prayers for children are the most effective. Here is one of them:

“O Virgin Mary, Most Holy Theotokos, protect and envelop my children (names), all children in our family, teenagers, babies, baptized and unnamed, carried in the womb with Your cover. Cover them with the robe of Your motherly love, teach them the fear of God and obedience to their parents, ask the Lord, Your Son, to grant them salvation. I completely rely on Your Motherly looking, since You are the Divine Cover of all Your servants. Blessed Virgin, endow me with the image of Your Divine motherhood. Heal the mental and physical ailments of my children (names), which we, the parents, inflicted on them with our sins. I completely entrust to the Lord Jesus Christ and to You, Most Pure Theotokos, the entire fate of my children. Amen”.

Parents often pray to Christ to send a sign, suggest how to save the child in a given situation. Prayer for protection and protection:

“Lord Jesus Christ, may Your mercy be on my children (names), keep them under Your shelter, cover from all evil, take away any enemy from them, open their ears and eyes, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord, we are all Your creations, have pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names), and enlighten their minds with the light of the mind of Your Gospel, and guide them on the path of Your commandments, and teach them, Father, to do Your will, for You are our God.

Mother’s prayer for adult children

PRAYER FOR ADULT CHILDREN | Prayer for grown son and daughter

Fathers and mothers read prayers even for adult children. It does not matter whether they are near or not, the main thing is to ask the Creator of all the best for the children. A proven prayer for the health of children, reading a prayer always works so that the child has a strong marriage, children and a happy family. The texts of scriptures are often pronounced for lack of need, attracting abundance, improving personal life, development in different directions.

A strong prayer for children who have already grown up should be read according to the rules:

  1. It is allowed to conduct the sacrament in the temple, at home and even on the street.
  2. It is best to make a special corner with icons at home. The faces of the saints should be placed on the eastern wall. You can not put other pictures, cosmetics, mirrors next to the images.
  3. Before reading a prayer for adults, the asker puts himself in order. It is necessary to wash, clear the mind and not talk to anyone before performing the sacrament.
  4. Be sure to pray, kneeling, or just standing in front of the icons.
  5. A prayer for children to the guardian angel, uttered from the heart, will work immediately.

If an adult child is sick, you should seek help from Panteleimon. The healer during his life on earth healed the poor and did not require a single penny for his work. He worked real miracles and now, in difficult moments, relieves pain, relieves symptoms of diseases.

The text of the prayer to the saint:

“ Holy Angel, the guardian of my children (names), cover them with your cover from the arrows of the demon, from the eyes of the seducer and keep their heart in angelic purity. Amen.”

The writing about the protection of adults who have left their home and set off on a free path has a powerful force. Prayer to Christ helps from diseases, difficulties, anger, misfortunes and ill-wishers. The sacrament will help the child choose the right path, understand what his purpose is.

Prayer words:

“Lord Jesus Christ, be Thy mercy on my children (names). keep them under Your shelter, cover from every evil lust, drive away from them every enemy and adversary, open their ears and eyes of the heart, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord, we are all Your creation, have pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names) and enlighten their minds with the light of the mind of Your Gospel and guide them on the path of Your commandments and teach them, Savior, to do Your will, for You are our God.

Reading a prayer to Christ by a father or mother will bear fruit if done regularly and with faith in the heart.

Prayers for Teaching Children

It often happens that a child cannot cope with some object. He fails to master the exact sciences or the humanities. To support him, to increase success in the kindergarten, school, higher educational institution, a mother’s prayer for her children will help.

You can’t shout at a child, punish or break loose if he didn’t understand the subject or brought home a bad mark. It is best to talk with him, to do tasks that most raise questions and misunderstandings.

The mother should not only support the baby emotionally, but also pray that he successfully completes the semester, understands the topics and passes the exams. Most often, problems arise with hyperactive and restless children. To calm them down and set them up for learning, there is a prayer. Text:

“Lord Jesus Christ, our God, who truly dwelt in the hearts of the twelve apostles and, by the power of the grace of the All-Holy Spirit, descended in the form of tongues of fire, opened their mouths so that they began to speak in other dialects, – Himself, Lord Jesus Christ our God, sent down of that Holy Spirit of Yours on this lad (this maiden) (name), and plant in his (her) heart the Holy Scripture, which Your most pure hand inscribed on the tablets of the legislator Moses, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

Orthodox prayer for children will help organize and discipline sons, daughters, grandchildren and granddaughters. Reading the text should be slow, confident. It is impossible to rush during the sacrament. Often, parents pray in churches for successful studies and light church candles. The main thing is to find understanding with the child, to support in difficult times and not to break if he has not yet adapted to the educational institution. Belief in the best and the right message can raise a person’s self-esteem, improve abilities and discover talents.

Prayers for the little ones

A Special Prayer for Your Children | Joyce Meyer

Contains effective prayers for children prayer book. It contains the best texts that soothe the soul, relieve the concern of the mother. For young children, it is best to read the Our Father.

Text of the Lord’s Prayer:

“Our Father, who art in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth. Give us our daily bread today; and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

In moments of grief, sadness, bad mood and well-being, the mother should say a prayer for salvation. It is best to pray in front of the icons of saints. Text:

“Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

The prayer is said 3 times. The Church is allowed to read the text over the cradle of the child. Parents while reading the prayer can hold the child in their arms. After the sacrament, it is worth baptizing your son, daughter.

Prayer for children and grandchildren to Jesus will make them strong, hardy, healthy. The Lord is strong and merciful, therefore, he will listen to the keeper of the hearth or a loving father and give the child strength, strong character, determination.

For the child to be healthy and strong, the text is pronounced:

“Lord Jesus Christ, may Your mercy be on my children (names), keep them under Your shelter, cover from all evil, take away any enemy from them, open their ears and eyes, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord, we are all Your creations, have pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names), and enlighten their minds with the light of the mind of Your Gospel, and guide them on the path of Your commandments, and teach them, Father, to do Your will, for You are our God.

A prayer for the health of children is proven, if you say it with a pure mind and heart. The mother’s positive message towards the newborn will become a talisman for him. The kid will grow up happy, not restless. He will believe in the Lord, live according to the laws of God and not commit bad deeds.

All believing people in difficult moments turn to the Creator. He hears everything and helps even if there are no visible changes in life.

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