Dream meaning: this is what the most recurrent say about you

Dream meaning: this is what the most recurrent say about you


It is proven that your dreams define your fears, your desires and also speak of you as a person …

Dream meaning: this is what the most recurrent say about you

Tonight you have also dreamed, or perhaps it was a nightmare what you have had and you do not remember, because the most common thing is not remembering what you have been doing. subconscious while you sleep. Did you know that most of the time they are reflections of your fears and desires? Other times, instead, your brain processes a small image that you have seen throughout the day and to which you have not paid attention and reproduces it again when you try To fall asleep. Everything you dream has a meaning …

Thus, and as with the passage of the years you change, your dreams also. María Jesús Palmer, expert in dreams and author of «Interpretation manual of all dreams», Assures that it is in childhood when dreams are very different from the rest of life stages. “Up to the age of seven or eight, dreams usually have a close connection with the spiritual world and with the deepest contents of their own unconscious. Hence, when little ones talk about imaginary friends and chat with them, it can easily be about ‘angelic’ dream encounters that they remember with pleasure and relive in their games ”.

Tips to better remember dreams

As the expert María Jesús Palmer has already confirmed, remembering dreams is possible, although it is not always achieved. «The matter of dreams is so fragile and subtle that if when we open our eyes the first thing we do is look at the time or focus our thoughts on the daily routine, it happens that the rational mind monopolizes all the attention and the memory of the dream evaporates. We will be left with the vague feeling of having dreamed something curious and possibly interesting, but we will already be unable to know what it was “, he explains, that is why he has drawn up a small list of recommendations so that you do not lose valuable information that often sneaks into your dreams

– «The first thing to do is want to remember: verbalize aloud the purpose and will of want to remember the dreamed», Says the author of« Manual of interpretation of all dreams ».

– Help drink a glass of water or two before bed.

– «The connection with the unconscious when, before going to sleep, previous dreams that are still remembered are memorized and their possible meaning is sought. Just as it is a good stimulus to remember what you dreamed of, read something about the dynamics of dreams before falling asleep, ”says María Jesús Palmer.

When these dreams are remembered upon waking, write out the dreamed plot and try (spontaneously) to give the dream a title.

Dream about flowers

Some due to allergies and others because they are passionate about flowers, but these living beings appear recurrently in the dreams of many people. As María Jesús Palmer confesses, flowers symbolize joy and beauty, they speak of creative inspiration and happy moments, especially if in dreams we see ourselves picking flowers in a garden.

«On the other hand, when you dream of bouquets of flowers, whether they are received or given, the flowers symbolize popularity, success and recognition, except in the case of very dark or black flowers, since in this case the dream warns of envy and false flattery from close people “, explains the expert.

Apparently within the variety of flowers highlights the symbolism of the rose. «If they are white or pink, they represent emotional fulfillment after having overcome a path of thorns (a bad streak). And if they are red, they augur the proximity of a passionate love, “he says.

Dream about animals

Although it is impossible to explain the meaning of each and every one of the animals on the face of the Earth, María Jesús Palmer clearly differentiates some of them, since they define not only our personality, but also what they have been warning about … «Animals dreamed represent their own qualities that characterize them and that we already have associated in the collective unconscious. For example, him fox symbolizes cunning, the bear the force, the ant the saving, the goat the madness, the dog the fidelity… ».

Have you ever dreamed of snakes? It has a multiple meaning: sometimes it symbolizes wisdom and the thirst for knowledge, sometimes seduction and deception, and sometimes the poisonous tongue of gossip.

The bull is another of the most common animals. «It plays the role of relentless pursuer, which makes the dreamer run, hide and sharpen their resources to flee from him. «The meaning of this dream shows that there are pressing concerns and we must take responsibility for them (hence the famous expression« take the bull by the horns ») and seek solutions. It also represents the overwhelmed by being harassed in real life», Reveals the writer and dream expert.

If, on the other hand, the little “bugs” such as insects are the ones that appear in your dreams, they come to announce some incipient disease, and the spiders warn of traps or deceptions that are being woven around us, as confirmed by María Jesús Palmer.

Dream about famous people

Who does not admire a famous person and consider him an idol? Singers, actors and actresses are the best known faces and on many occasions one feels identified with the role they have played in film or television. María Jesús Palmer tells that they are usually rewarding and pleasant dreams, especially if it fits a hero role or love scenes are shared, very typical too.

Dream of water

If the sea, rain, rivers, swimming pools, domestic water appear in your most repeated dreams … this universal symbol has a lot to tell you. «If you dream of cloudy or troubled water, it reveals altered emotions that can even affect your health. Clear or free-falling water announces I find pleasant and happy moments, while the waves that cannot be avoided, the boat that capsizes or the tide that rises and wets those who are dreaming symbolize precisely that: that you have to ‘get wet’ and that, like it or not, it is time to make commitments and responsibilities ”, explains the expert.

Dreaming of the death of someone close

«Death in dreams is usually the indication that there are great personal transformations underway. Transformations such as those that represent, for example, the passage from childhood to adolescence, then to youth, maturity or old age. It also justifies the old belief that says: when you dream of someone’s death, you extend their life. Well, the dream indicates that that person you see die in some way rebuilds his life, reinvents himself and, ultimately, lives longer, “says the expert.

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