Which blender to choose? Overview of 4 cool models


Personal mini blender RAWMID Dream Mini BDM-07

All in all, this is a compact blender for baby food and simple tasks like making smoothies and smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Miniature and lightweight blender with several small containers is ideal for hiking and travel enthusiasts. You can easily take this device with you in your bag or backpack, and you can prepare your favorite smoothies and cocktails anywhere – you just need to find an outlet.

In addition to the motor block, the package includes 3 containers with knives (1200 ml, 400 ml and 150 ml), as well as a 570 ml sports bottle with a valve cap. Such a set of accessories makes the device convenient for preparing refreshing drinks for sports activities: whipped, turned over, closed, ran. Fast, convenient and without unnecessary dirty dishes.

Despite its small dimensions, the device is quite functional: it can be used to prepare not only smoothies and cocktails, but also cereals, purees, vegetable mixtures, including for baby food. Thanks to the 400 ml and 150 ml containers in the mini blender, it is convenient to prepare small portions for babies. All bowls are made of environmentally friendly material – tritan, so you can be sure of the safety of cooked food.

Blender for green smoothies and cocktails RAWMID Dream Greenery BDG-03

A fairly compact stationary blender designed specifically for green shakes and smoothies. This is evidenced by the optimally matched power, and the special structure of the knife with upwardly curved blades, and environmentally friendly materials. Even the body design is made in the style of green petals.

The peak power of the motor is 2200W (3 horsepower), while the power consumption for most tasks is at the level of 1500W. This is more than enough to prepare cocktails with the addition of greens, which have a perfectly uniform consistency: without pieces of pulp, stalks or seeds.

The special structure of the four-blade knife is designed for thorough chopping of fruits, berries and vegetables. The wide knife provides a high coverage of products in the bowl and the absence of “dead zones” during grinding. And the upwardly curved blades effectively grind chopped and whole fruits.

Although Greenery specializes in green smoothies and smoothies, the blender can also handle more complex tasks: grinding nuts, grains, cereals. In it, you can quickly prepare cream soup, mashed potatoes, porridge or sorbet from fresh berries. And all this in a very compact case 40x20x16 cm.

The most powerful blender RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

If you want to get a blender that can handle any, even the hardest ingredients, then RawMiD Dream Samurai is what you need.

In 2018, the model received an updated motor with a peak power of 4440 W (6 horsepower). At the same time, the power consumption when performing most tasks averages about 2200 watts. Thanks to such outstanding performance, the Dream Samurai blender is able to turn hard nuts into paste, ice into crumbled snow, and frozen fruits and berries into fresh homemade ice cream.

A smoothie or smoothie made from fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables will be ready in seconds, and its perfectly smooth texture will not leave you indifferent. In 2 minutes you will prepare a warm or hot mashed soup, and the dish will heat up right in the jug due to high friction on the knife blades (if desired, you can not bring it to heating).

Supplied with a 6 liter jug ​​made of durable tritan, temperature resistant and free of BPA and other hazardous substances. The voluminous 420-blade knife made of durable AISI 50 stainless steel makes up to 000 revolutions per minute and leaves no chance even for the hardest products. 

The enormous power of the apparatus corresponds to its highest reliability. For most blenders of poor quality, the coupling (the junction of the knife and the motor shaft) is made of plastic. Samurai, like other Rawmid pro-blenders, has a metal connection that guarantees reliability and long service life.

Powerful and touch RAWMID Dream Modern 2 BDM-06

In fact, this is the same Samurai, only in a more compact body and with a touch control panel. On it you can choose one of 8 automatic modes for different tasks or manually set the speed and grinding time: 8 speeds for the user’s choice and a timer up to 180 seconds.

The moisture-proof touch panel with a bright animated display not only makes the device stylish and modern, but also makes it easier to clean: a smooth, even surface is much easier to wipe from traces of food and dust.

The Dream Modern 2 has a high maximum motor power of 2900W (4 horsepower) and an average power consumption of 2200W. This is more than enough to process even the hardest products: nuts, grains, seeds, frozen fruits and berries.

Volumetric 6-bladed stainless steel knife, rotating at speeds up to 726 km / h, makes up to 50 revolutions per minute and creates a real tornado inside the jug. Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries turn into velvety smoothies with a perfectly smooth consistency in a matter of seconds. Nuts and grains can be used to make pasta, hummus, tahini and other dishes. Also for Dream Modern 000 it will not be a problem to crush ice or frozen fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms.

The two-liter jug ​​of Dream Modern 2, like other RAWMID blenders, is made of a safe and durable material – tritan, which can withstand temperature extremes and does not contain BPA and other hazardous substances. The metal connection of the knife with the motor shaft ensures the reliability and durability of the device.

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