Dr. Will Tuttle: Meat-eating is a discrediting of maternal feelings, the basics of the basics

We continue with a brief retelling of Will Tuttle, Ph.D., The World Peace Diet. This book is a voluminous philosophical work, which is presented in an easy and accessible form for the heart and mind. 

“The sad irony is that we often peer into space, wondering if there are still intelligent beings, while we are surrounded by thousands of species of intelligent beings, whose abilities we have not yet learned to discover, appreciate and respect …” – Here is the main idea of ​​the book. 

The author made an audiobook out of Diet for World Peace. And he also created a disk with the so-called , where he outlined the main ideas and theses. You can read the first part of the summary “The World Peace Diet” . Three weeks ago we published a retelling of a chapter in a book called . The week before last, Will Tuttle’s thesis we published was: . We recently talked about how  

It’s time to retell another chapter: 

Meat-eating – discrediting maternal feelings, the foundations of the foundations 

The two most cruel livestock industries are milk production and egg production. Are you surprised? We usually think that milk and eggs are less cruel than killing animals and eating their flesh. 

It is not right. The process of extracting milk and eggs requires great cruelty and violence towards animals. The same cows are constantly robbed of children and constantly subjected to the process of artificial insemination, which is tantamount to rape. After that, the cow gives birth to a calf … and it is immediately stolen from the mother, bringing mother and calf to a state of extreme despair. While the body of the cow begins to produce milk for the calf stolen from her, she is immediately subjected to another rape. With the help of various manipulations, the cow is forced to give more milk than she would give on her own. On average, a cow should produce 13-14 liters of milk per day, but on modern farms this amount is adjusted to 45-55 liters per day. 

How does this happen? There are 2 ways to increase milk yield. The first is hormone manipulation. Animals are fed various types of lactogenic hormones. 

And another way is to force-feed cows with cholesterol (cholesterol) – this increases the yield of milk. The only way to get a herbivore cow to get cholesterol (which is not found in plant foods) is to eat animal flesh. Therefore, cows on dairy farms in the United States are fed by-products from the slaughterhouse: the remains and innards of pigs, chickens, turkeys and fish. 

Until recently, they were also fed the remains of other cows, possibly even the remains of their own young, taken from them and killed. This terrible eating of cows by cows against their will caused an epidemic of mad cow disease in the world. 

Agribusiness continued to use this heinous practice of turning unfortunate animals into cannibals until the USDA banned them. But not for the sake of animals – they did not even think about them – but in order to avoid the occurrence of rabies epidemics, since this is a direct threat to humans. But to this day, cows are forced to eat the flesh of other animals. 

After 4-5 years of life, cows, which in natural (non-violent conditions) would live quietly for 25 years, become completely “used”. And they are sent to the slaughterhouse. Probably, it is not necessary to tell what a terrible place for animals is the slaughterhouse. They are only stunned before being killed. Sometimes the stun does not help and they experience terrible pain, while still fully conscious … Their suffering, the inhuman cruelty that these creatures are subjected to, defies description. Their bodies go to recycling, turn into sausages and hamburgers that we eat without thinking. 

All of the above applies to the hens we keep for egg production. Only they are imprisoned in even tighter conditions and subjected to even greater abuse. They are imprisoned in a microscopic cage where they can hardly move. The cells are placed one on top of the other in a huge dark room, saturated with the smell of ammonia. Their beaks are cut and their eggs are stolen. 

After two years of such an existence, they are crammed into other cages and sent to the slaughterhouse … after which they become chicken broth, meat for food by people and other animals – dogs and cats. 

The industrial production of milk and eggs is based on the exploitation of the feeling of motherhood and on cruelty towards mothers. This is cruelty to the most precious and intimate phenomena of our world – the birth of a child, the feeding of an infant with milk and the manifestation of care and love for your children. Cruelty to the most beautiful, tender, and life-giving functions that a female can be endowed with. Maternal feelings are discredited – by the dairy and egg industries. 

This power over the feminine, its merciless exploitation is the core of the problems that weigh on our society. Violence against women stems from the cruelty suffered by dairy cows and chickens on farms. Cruelty is milk, cheese, ice cream and eggs – which we eat every day. The dairy and egg industry is based on the attitude to the female body as an object for use. The treatment of women solely as objects of sexual violence and the treatment of cows, chickens and other animals as objects of gastronomic use are very similar in their essence.

 We must not only speak these phenomena, but also let them pass through our hearts – in order to fully understand this. Most often, words alone are not enough to convince. How can we talk about world peace when we exploit motherhood, discredit it? Femininity is associated with intuition, with feelings – with everything that comes from the heart. 

Vegetarianism is a compassionate lifestyle. It is expressed in the refusal of cruelty, of cooperation with the cruelty of this world. Until we make this choice in our heart, we will be part of this cruelty. You can sympathize with animals as much as you like, but remain the conductors of cruelty in our society. Cruelty that escalates into terrorism and war. 

We will never be able to change this – as long as we exploit animals for food. You need to discover and understand the feminine principle for yourself. To understand that it is sacred, that it contains the tenderness and wisdom of the Earth, the ability to see and feel what is hidden in the soul at a deep level. In addition, it is important to see and understand the inner courage in oneself – the same sacred one that protects, sympathizes and creates. Which is also in the grip of our cruelty to animals. 

To live in harmony means to live in peace. Kindness and world peace begin at our plate. And this is true not only in terms of physical and psychological reasons. It is also metaphysics. 

Will Tuttle describes the metaphysics of our food in great detail in his book. It lies in the fact that when we eat a dish of someone’s flesh, we eat violence. And the wave vibration of the food we eat affects us. We ourselves and all life around us is energy. This energy has a wave structure. Now, with the help of science, what was voiced by Eastern religions thousands of years ago has been proven: matter is energy, it is a manifestation of consciousness. And consciousness and spirit are primary. When we eat the product of violence, fear and suffering, we bring into our body the vibration of fear, horror and violence. It is unlikely that we want to have this whole “bouquet” inside our body. But it lives on in us, so it’s not surprising that we’re subconsciously attracted to on-screen violence, violent video games, violent entertainment, hard-hitting career advancement, and so on. For us, this is natural – because we daily feed on violence.

To be continued. 


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