Dr. Will Tuttle: Meat-eating destroys the connection between the mind and body of a person

We continue with a brief retelling of Will Tuttle, Ph.D., The World Peace Diet. This book is a voluminous philosophical work, which is presented in an easy and accessible form for the heart and mind. 

“The sad irony is that we often peer into space, wondering if there are still intelligent beings, while we are surrounded by thousands of species of intelligent beings, whose abilities we have not yet learned to discover, appreciate and respect …” – Here is the main idea of ​​the book. 

The author made an audiobook out of Diet for World Peace. And he also created a disk with the so-called , where he outlined the main ideas and theses. You can read the first part of the summary “The World Peace Diet” . Two weeks ago we published a retelling of a chapter in a book called . Last week, Will Tuttle’s thesis we published was: . It’s time to retell another chapter: 

Meat-eating destroys the connection between mind and body 

As we have already said, one of the main reasons why we continue to eat animals is the traditions of our culture: we were drummed into our heads from childhood that we need to eat animals – for our own health. 

Briefly about animal food: it is rich in fats and proteins and poor in carbohydrates. More precisely, there are almost no carbohydrates in it, with the exception of a small amount contained in dairy products. In fact, animal products are fat and protein. 

Our body is designed to run on “fuel” consisting of complex carbohydrates, which are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. The largest scientific studies have repeatedly shown that a balanced plant-based diet provides us with energy and quality proteins, as well as healthy fats. 

Therefore, in the vast majority, vegetarians are much healthier than the general population. It follows logically that we DO NOT need to eat animals. And, even more than that, we feel much better if we do not eat them. 

Why do some people not feel better when they refuse animal food? According to Dr. Tuttle, this is because they make some mistakes. For example, they simply do not know how to cook tasty and rich in the dishes we need in trace elements. Some may simply eat too much “empty” food (such as chips), although they can be considered vegetarian. 

However, the days when it was difficult to live with vegetarian beliefs are long gone. More and more delicious vegetarian products with a nutritional composition that is beneficial to our body appear on the shelves. And the good old grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables can be used in endless combinations. 

But not everything is so easy. We should not forget about the placebo effect, which can have a much stronger effect on a person than we might think. After all, we were taught from childhood that we need to eat animal products in order to be healthy, and this is very difficult to reverse! The placebo effect is that if we deeply believe in something (especially when it concerns us personally), it really becomes, as it were, a reality. Therefore, by excluding animal products and their derivatives from the diet, it begins to seem to us that we are depriving our body of essential trace elements. What to do? Only to consistently eradicate from our minds the suggestion once instilled in us that we need animal food for health. 

An interesting fact: the placebo effect is the more effective, the more unpleasant sensations it is associated with. For example, the more expensive the medicine, the worse its taste, the more noticeable its healing effect, compared with those medicines that are cheaper and taste good. We suspect that they may not be as effective – they say, everything can not be so easy. 

As soon as we exclude animal food from our diet, we feel for ourselves how effective the placebo was for us eating animal flesh. Eating them becomes quite unpleasant for us when we realize WHAT we actually eat, since initially, according to Will Tuttle, a person is endowed with a peaceful physiology. It is given to us so that we can provide our body with energy and the elements necessary for health and well-being – without causing suffering to animals. 

So when we reject this secret gift from the love-based universe, saying that we will kill animals no matter what, we ourselves begin to suffer: fat clogs our arteries, our digestive system malfunctions due to lack of enough fiber … If we liberate our mind, rid it of stamps, then we will see: our body is much better suited for a plant-based diet than for an animal one. 

When we say that we will eat animals no matter what, we create a world for ourselves, woven from disease, secret guilt and cruelty. We become a source of cruelty by killing animals with our own hands or by paying someone else to do it for us. We eat our own cruelty, so it constantly lives in us. 

Dr. Tuttle is sure that in his heart a person knows that he should not eat animals. This is contrary to our nature. A simple example: think of someone eating decaying flesh… One hundred percent that you experienced a feeling of disgust. But this is exactly what we do every day – when we eat a hamburger, a sausage, a piece of fish or a chicken. 

Since eating flesh and drinking blood is disgusting for us on a subconscious level, and eating meat is embedded in culture, humanity is looking for ways out – to transform pieces of meat, to hide them. For example, killing animals in a certain way so that as little blood as possible remains in the flesh (the meat we buy in supermarkets is usually not saturated with blood). We thermally process the killed flesh, apply various spices and sauces. Thousands of ways have been devised to make it palatable to the eye and edible. 

We make up fairy tales for our children that hamburgers grow in garden beds, we do our best to cover up the terrible truth about meat and animal products. Indeed, in fact, subconsciously, it is disgusting for us to eat the flesh of a living being or drink milk intended for someone else’s baby. 

If you think about it: it would be difficult for a person to climb under a cow and, pushing her cub, to suck the milk out of her mammary gland himself. Or chasing a deer and lunging at it, trying to knock it to the ground and bite through its neck, then to feel the hot blood splashed right into our mouths … Fu. This is contrary to the essence of man. Any person, even the most inveterate steak lover or avid hunter. None of them could imagine that he does it with great desire. Yes, he can’t, it’s physically impossible for a person. All this once again proves that we are not created to eat meat. 

Another absurd argument we make is that animals eat meat, so why shouldn’t we? Pure absurdity. A huge number of animals do not eat flesh at all. Our supposed closest relatives, gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, and other primates, eat meat very rarely or not at all. Why are we doing this? 

If we continue talking about what else animals can do, then we are unlikely to want to continue to set them as an example. For example, males of some animal species can eat their own children. It would never occur to us to use this fact as an excuse for eating our own children! Therefore, it is absurd to say that other animals eat flesh, which means that we can too. 

In addition to damaging our mental and physical health, meat-eating destroys our natural environment in which we live. Animal husbandry has the most destructive, never ending impact on the environment. It is very important to understand that when we see vast expanses planted with corn, various grains, most of this is feed for farm animals. 

It takes a huge amount of plant food to feed the 10 million animals that are killed annually in the US alone. These same areas can be used to feed the starving population of the Earth. And another part can be returned to wild forests to restore habitats for wild animals. 

We could easily feed all the hungry on this planet. If they themselves wanted it. Instead of feeding food to animals, animals we want to kill. We turn this food into fat and toxic waste – and this has led a fifth of our population to obesity. At the same time, one fifth of the world’s population is in constant hunger. 

We constantly hear that the population of the Planet is growing ominously, but there is an even bigger and more devastating explosion. An explosion in the number of farm animals – cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys driven into cramped hangars. We raise billions of farm animals and feed them the vast amount of food we produce. This takes up most of the land and water, uses a huge amount of pesticides, which creates unprecedented pollution of water and soil. 

Talking about our meat-eating is taboo, because the cruelty that it requires – cruelty to animals, people, the earth … is so overwhelmingly great that we simply do not want to bring up this issue. But it’s usually what we try to ignore the most that hits us the hardest. 

To be continued. 


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