Why is it important to clean your tongue?

The ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that recommends daily tongue cleansing in the morning is often neglected. Meanwhile, the oral cavity is one of the main links between the body and the environment, so its health and hygiene (including the tongue) is of no small importance. In the text Charaka Samhita, an Ayurvedic scripture, it is said: “cleansing the tongue eliminates bad smell, tastelessness, and by cleaning the plaque, allows you to taste the food to the fullest.” And this can be confirmed by anyone whose daily cleaning of the tongue has become a habit. In addition, removing excess accumulations from the tongue helps to balance the Kapha dosha. It is quite obvious that the neglect of daily brushing of the tongue leads to the accumulation of a large number of bacteria settling on it. This is one of the ways to eliminate ama from the body. Ama is the accumulation of toxic residues in the body, both mental and physical, which arise from improper eating, poor digestion. The receptors of the cleaned tongue feel the taste of natural products much better. This not only fills you up with less food, but also eliminates the need to add sugar, salt, and extra spices to enjoy your meal. The contact of food and tongue is very important, receptors are the first to interpret and transmit information about the qualities of food to the brain. According to the scripture Charaka Samhita, a tongue scraper should be made of gold, silver, copper or tin. It should not be too sharp so as not to injure the tongue. Adapting to the existing reality, it is acceptable to use a stainless steel scraper. The tongue is a mirror that reflects the state of all the organs of the body. Release it from toxins and watch how every day unwanted plaque on the tongue decreases!

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