Colon cleansing according to the method of Yuri Andreev

Sometimes there are times when we understand that a bowel cleansing is necessary. But here certain problems arise, or rather, we are faced with a dilemma, which is sometimes not easy to solve. Indeed, on the one hand, the tissues of the large intestine from the inside are covered with “debris” that have caked together for many years without cleaning. They interfere with the normal functioning of our intestines by almost 99%, and they can only be removed by complex and repeated washing. If we are going to do this at home, then the only widely known method is the administration of an enema.

On the other hand, we are faced with the fact that numerous washes can not only wash out the fossilized feces, from which we need to get rid of, but also the necessary microflora. But it is she who is necessary so that a number of vital processes can be carried out. So it turns out that you cannot be healthy with the accumulated “dirt” in the intestines. And by washing it out, you can achieve the disappearance of microflora, which is no less important for health.

The way out, most likely, is to first radically get rid of unnecessary coatings, gradually getting rid of them. And only then, after such vigorous measures, it is worth moving on to regular bowel cleansing procedures. These procedures will already be more gentle, superficial, that is, they will become a prophylaxis that can keep the intestines healthy.

Another solution can hardly be found. After all, the microflora can be restored, and if the lining from the intestines is not removed in time, this will lead to serious consequences. And they, in turn, will lead to permanent poisoning of the body and a catastrophic lack of nutrients.


There are several ways to cleanse your intestines that you can use at home as well.

Granules of kelp – sea grass are considered a good remedy. They can be bought at a pharmacy called Laminarid. These granules are taken in half a teaspoon. During movement, they swell in the intestines, vigorously carrying out behind them everything that is unnecessary in the intestines. The same effect will help to achieve the fibers of the milled and steamed rose hips.

There are other ways to activate the cleansing of the intestine from stagnation in it. And the development of herbal medicine, by the way, affects the gradual increase in interest in this area of ​​our health. Although so far it is quite often possible to meet a person who, having reached adulthood, has never used an enema, considering it something awkward and unacceptable. It turns out that it is easier to suffer from various diseases that will gradually worsen the state of health than to introduce a fairly simple and convenient hygienic method into regular use. By the way, birds with animals also use this method, and judging by the legends, Jesus Christ used the klystyr to heal patients who turned to him for help.

Now about the practical side of the issue. A cleansing enema should be carried out only after natural emptying, but in no case instead of it. Why? Because you can create a habit of relieving yourself in the body only as a response to the action of water, that is, only after an enema.

For an enema, it is recommended to take 1-1,2 liters of warm water. It is useful to add the juice of half or a quarter of a lemon to it. This procedure should be repeated once every 1-7 days, injecting an enema, lying on the left side. But remember, only after natural emptying has passed.

There is another unconventional cleaning method that is dangerous without training and the example of a mentor.

This is a fairly effective method of quarterly cleaning of the intestines, which practically does not affect the microflora in it. It is called “prakshalana” – an Indian way to get rid of stagnant masses in the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended for use at the change of seasons. “Prakshalana” means that you need to drink 14 glasses of water in a row, which must first be salted. It will pass through the stomach and intestines, while taking out everything unnecessary. And the cleaning process is so thorough that after the last glass you drink, pure water will come out.

You can explain this technique in detail only after you have seen the example of a mentor. After all, only after completing the four necessary preliminary exercises, which are aimed at “opening the locks” in the stomach and intestines, one by one, you can properly cleanse them in this way. Distance learning is impossible. And drunk 14 glasses of water without preliminary preparation can lead not to positive consequences, but to a deterioration in health.

Based on materials from the book by Yu.A. Andreeva “Three whales of health”.

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