Preparing a raw food lunch

Today we will look at a complete raw food lunch, which consists of a first and second course, as well as a sweet for dessert! Such delights will help at the transitional stage from veganism to a raw food diet, when you still really want to treat yourself to something similar to the usual, so that it pleases the eye. For those who do not plan to follow an exclusively raw diet, the proposed lunch will also be very popular as a change! Spinach soup with avocado

To prepare this simple and incredibly tasty soup, you will need a blender and a good mood. We take: Hummus Absolutely original hummus recipe without chickpeas based on zucchini. For cooking we take: Chocolate mousse! How is this recipe different from hundreds of others? We added avocado, which gives a greasy texture to the mousse. And no matter how difficult it is to resist such a delicacy, it is recommended to freeze it at least an hour before use. Please note that coconut oil is a necessary ingredient – it will help to get the right consistency when the mousse is frozen. Banana and avocado must be ripe. We take: So, we have just prepared a beautiful, tasty and healthy raw lunch. Time costs are no more than 30 minutes, and all three dishes are ready: soup, hummus, and dessert. Enjoy your meal!

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