Cleansing the liver with beets

Among all the methods of cleansing the liver, the method using beets takes a separate place. Everything is explained simply: an inexpensive and accessible root crop in fact has a lot of useful properties. But most importantly, it allows you to perform all the necessary manipulations to detoxify a vital organ in just 1 day! And this cannot but rejoice the modern person. But just before using the beet liver cleansing technique, you need to prepare well. Otherwise, health problems up to the aggravation of serious ailments or the need for urgent surgical intervention cannot be avoided.

Beets and their healing properties

Despite the fact that for most people, beetroot is just a food product, for traditional healers it has been and remains the most effective healing vegetable. Judge for yourself: it contains:

  • up to 16% sugars, and these are glucose, sucrose, fructose;
  • amino acids, the amount of which here exceeds the amount found in any other vegetables;
  • pectin, known for its amazing ability to suppress the action of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines and prevent the risk of developing oncology (and there is even more of it in beets than in carrots and apples);
  • fiber, which helps to improve digestion, minimize the risk of constipation;
  • magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, along the way, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • copper and iron, necessary to normalize the process of hematopoiesis and, as a result, prevent the risk of anemia;
  • zinc and manganese, necessary for the normal functioning of the gonads, pancreas;
  • betanin and betaine are substances that provide beets with their bright color and, in combination, strengthen capillaries, normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, improve fat metabolism and liver function;
  • betaine and betanin also contribute to the formation of choline, which prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and has an anti-sclerotic effect;
  • iodine, which is necessary for the elderly to prevent atherosclerosis;
  • bioflavonoids, which can relax the vessels and walls of the bile ducts, improving the flow of blood and bile;
  • chlorine, which is found in beets in a safe amount, but sufficient to cleanse not only the liver, but also the gallbladder and kidneys.

But most importantly, beets reduce inflammation and inhibit the development of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, it improves the composition of the blood, purifying it, and reduces the risk of fatty hepatosis due to the normalization of fat metabolism in the cells.

And it also has a positive effect on the process of bile formation. The fact is that it is bile that removes toxins from the body. If the liver is healthy, about 1 liter of bile is released per day, and the person feels great at the same time. Unhealthy diet, stress, poor ecology and other factors have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the liver, increasing the degree of its slagging every day. The very first signs of problems with this organ are reduced to the appearance of allergies, constipation, pain in the right hypochondrium, drowsiness after eating, but they are successfully solved by cleansing the liver with beets.



The procedure for detoxifying the liver with beets should be preceded by a complete medical examination, one of the most important stages of which is ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal organs. It allows you to identify stones in the kidney, liver and gallbladder.

Pay attention!

It is strictly forbidden to use any of the liver cleansing recipes in the case of calculous or stony formations. As a result of cleaning the liver, they can move and block the bile ducts, the ureter and more, which will invariably lead a person to the operating table.

Other contraindications to the detoxification procedure:

  • decompensated diabetes;
  • osteoporosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • oncology;
  • allergy to beets and their components;
  • organic lesions of the brain.

Pregnancy, lactation, age up to 18 years, even if the child has had viral hepatitis – all these are contraindications to liver cleansing.

Even if all factors are excluded, it is not recommended to switch to the method of liver detoxification with beets on the same day. For its successful completion, it is necessary to prepare the body. In other words, 7-14 days before the cleaning procedure, you should switch to a healthy diet, excluding fatty, flour, smoked meats and alcohol. At this time, preference should be given to boiled and steamed dishes. In addition, raw vegetables and fruits are desirable, as they are high in fiber and coarse dietary fiber that cleanse the intestines.

It should be noted that ideally, the liver is cleaned only after the bowel detoxification procedure!

Special attention is paid to the selection of beets for cleaning. It is best to take a vegetable grown in your garden without the use of fertilizers and chemicals. Moreover, the procedure should be carried out in the fall immediately after harvesting, this will allow using a vegetable with the largest possible amount of nutrients.

After completing the preparation, you can select a suitable recipe for cleaning and proceed directly to it.

Cleansing the liver with beets

In practice, the procedure for detoxifying the liver is reduced to the use of a decoction, the juice of this root vegetable or beet kvass. But first things first.

Cleansing the liver with beet broth

To use the technique, you need to pick up a medium-sized beet. It is thoroughly washed, placed in a saucepan and poured into 3 liters of water, after which it is sent to a slow fire. There she must spend so much time so that about 2 liters of water boil away. After that, the root crop is taken out and rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting mixture is returned to the water remaining after cooking, stirred and cooked over the same heat for about 20 minutes, but not boiling. Then it remains to strain the broth and start using.

Reception of beet broth is carried out strictly by the hour. Ideally, 4 ml of healing liquid is drunk every 200 hours, but let’s say the option is when the first intake falls in the early morning, the second – for a while before breakfast, and then 2 more times before lunch and before dinner. It is worth noting that it is possible to reduce the interval between doses to 3,5 hours, meanwhile, only after carrying out several such cleanings. Simply because shorter intervals make the detoxification process stronger and tougher. After each portion you drink, you should lie down with a warm heating pad applied to the liver area.

Pay attention!

You can eat other foods on detox day. The main thing is that these are well-cooked cereals without salt and oil. Salting or seasoning the broth itself is also not recommended.

People who have already cleaned the liver with beet broth insist that all manipulations are best done on a weekend, including from homework. Just because beets have an excellent diuretic effect and do not allow a person to move far from the bathroom. Subsequently, all toxins are eliminated along with urine. On the day of cleaning, you can drink non-carbonated clean water.

During the detoxification of the organ with the help of beetroot broth, you can make sure that everything is going according to plan, just by the frequent urination. It is no longer recommended to repeat the manipulations on the next day, since the technique is designed for only 1 day. Yes, they are not needed, because usually in the morning after that a person already feels lightness, a surge of energy and strength.

Juice cleaning

The amazing properties of juice therapy have long been noticed by traditional healers, although they all insist on some caution before and during the use of juices. Drinking them is allowed only with an absolutely healthy gastrointestinal tract. In addition, you should exclude the presence of an allergy to raw vegetable juice.

The process of making a cleansing drink is simple. Washed beets are dipped into a juicer and squeezed juice, but there is another way, in the old fashioned way, when it is grated, then squeezing the juice from the resulting composition through cheesecloth.

It is important to know!

Do not drink freshly made juice, letting it settle for 2 hours. Before taking it, add the juice of 1 lemon, freshly squeezed carrot juice. Juice therapy is allowed only for adults!

Reception of a healing drink begins with the use of 1 tsp. Gradually increase the dosage to 1/3 cup. Of course, it is easier to cleanse the liver with juice, but it takes longer. The cleaning course lasts 14 days. At this time, you can notice a change in the color of the urine, when it acquires a reddish tint, which is normal, as, however, the yellowness of the skin, which is observed with the addition of carrot juice.

Peeling with kvass from beets

This is another effective method that most people have tried it out to their liking. It provides for the preparation of beet kvass with raisins. For this:

  • take 1 kg of beets and grind it in any convenient way;
  • the mixture is poured into 3 liters of water at room temperature;
  • then 100 g of sugar and a few grains of citric acid are added to it;
  • a crust of bread made from rye flour is browned in a frying pan, salted and sent to the future kvass;
  • the container with the drink is covered with gauze and placed in heat for 3 days;
  • after the specified time, the kvass is filtered, poured into bottles with a capacity of 0,5 liters;
  • 10 raisins are poured into each bottle of kvass;
  • the bottles are corked and kept in the cold for 24 hours.

Ready kvass is consumed within 3 weeks before meals for 125 g. Thanks to additional components, it acquires a pleasant taste and drinks well in hot weather. That is why some people prefer to use it not only to heal their bodies, but also to cool them in the summer. Thus, it is prepared in reserve and consumed regularly.

How often to cleanse the liver with beets and what to do after

With the help of a decoction or juice, the liver is cleaned once a year. In the first case, everything about everything takes 1 day, and in the second – 1 weeks. The same applies to beet kvass, although many people use it just like that.

Due to the fact that fasting or other harsh measures are not used before detoxifying the liver with beets, additional actions after the end of the procedure are not required. The patient is advised to continue a healthy lifestyle, in which there will be no place for smoked meats, fatty, salty, alcohol and cigarettes.

What result to expect

Regardless of the choice of detox recipe, beets are then recommended to be consumed regularly, simply because:

  • This helps to strengthen the blood vessels. At the same time, the veins narrow, their tightness decreases, blood pressure normalizes, and people suffering from hypertension feel better.
  • The body is enriched with useful substances and improves the functioning of the liver, as a result of which a person feels a strengthening of immunity, resistance to diseases.
  • A healthy liver is better able to deal with free radicals, which slows down the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Improved bile production stimulates digestion, as a result of which problems with the gastrointestinal tract disappear – increased gas formation, constipation, stagnation of toxins.
  • Improved metabolism saves you from excess weight.

Finally, together with a healthy diet, the work of all organs and systems is getting better, and a person feels better.


Despite all the healing properties of the root vegetable, it is necessary to cleanse the liver with its help only after weighing all the pros and cons. For example, beetroot juice has a strong laxative effect, so it can cause bowel problems in people prone to diarrhea.

There are other cases when a doctor’s consultation is required before using beverages and beet decoctions:

  • High blood sugar – There are a lot of sugars in the root vegetable, which can increase the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Kidney disease and arthritis – Oxalic acid found in beets is actually contraindicated for people with these ailments.
  • Hypotension – drinks from the root crop lower blood pressure, which can negatively affect the health of hypotensive patients.
  • Frequent consumption of beets increases the acidity of gastric juice, resulting in heartburn.

It is not recommended to start the procedure even in the presence of the slightest ailment, be it a cold or acute respiratory infections. Bad mood, fear are also factors that can lead to spasm and provoke the development of complications.

Detoxification of the liver with beets is a feasible and effective process, meanwhile it also has contraindications and warnings. Be sure to pay attention to them in order to subsequently experience the benefits of the technique, and not to deal with its consequences.

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