Cleansing the body with medicinal herbs

With natural detoxification of the body, one should not forget that the use of natural remedies also improves and normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss and the elimination of parasites.

Carrying out any cosmetic procedures is most effective with internal cleansing of the body, because how beautiful a person is for the people around him depends on health.

Get ready for the summer holiday season with simple, inexpensive, and effective recipes from nature. 

Benefits of using natural cleansers 

The incomparable advantages of using medicinal plants for cleansing are the scanty number of contraindications and the absence of side effects. It is also noteworthy that all cleansing recipes can be used at any time of the year, having a need for this.

The use of herbal teas not only heals and rejuvenates the body, cleansing from toxins and toxins, it also has a positive psychological effect. After brewing, herbal teas acquire an unusually pleasant aroma of summer, which improves mood and gives strength for the working day. The natural taste and aroma of herbal herbs immediately relieves depression, poor health and negative thoughts.

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Scientific evidence for the benefits of cleansing the body

Studies by German doctors have proven that regardless of the diseases that patients have – high or low blood pressure, arthritis, arthrosis, articular rheumatism, gout, migraine, allergies, menstrual irregularities, depression, skin diseases and acne, the condition improves significantly after cleansing the body. from toxins and waste.

After a course of therapeutic herbal teas in combination with vegetable and fruit juices, these patients showed strengthening of immunity, disappearance or reduction of pain in the joints, stimulation of the liver, kidneys and circulatory organs. As a result of this, the mood improved significantly, freshness and lightness appeared, thoughts cleared up. All this, according to the patients themselves.

And this was achieved without the use of synthetic drugs, relying only on natural remedies.

The basic rules of the body cleansing course

• Do not forget that proper, high-quality, rational and functional nutrition plays an important role in the process of cleansing the body;

• In order to carry out cleansing for the benefit of the body, it is not necessary to apply all recipes at once uncontrollably. Everyone should choose for themselves the composition of herbal teas that is right for you, taking them, dosed and regularly;

• It is important to understand that body cleansing is necessary for all organs. Toxins also accumulate due to malnutrition, irregular bile secretion, constipation, intestinal diseases, so choose recipes that help you cope with many ailments, not stopping at one;

• Having already certain diseases of the body, study the contraindications and therapeutic effects of the herbal teas you have chosen so as not to harm yourself, but to choose the necessary healing recipes for your body, taking into account existing diseases.

Cleansing Herbal Tea Recipes 

Recipes for cleansing include many different medicinal plants, which will be discussed in this section. However, it is desirable to include birch (white) leaves, grass and flowers of Kuril tea in the composition of each recipe, which have the largest spectrum of mild therapeutic effect to normalize metabolism and in diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder.

By adding these medicinal plants to the composition of preventive and therapeutic herbal teas for cleansing the joints, liver, blood, kidneys, you will get an increase in the therapeutic effect of the collection without side effects.

Prepare herbal teas from crushed medicinal raw materials.

Herbal tea recipe for cleansing the body No1

Mix the crushed components of herbal tea:

five dessert spoons of chamomile flowers,

three dessert spoons of calendula officinalis flowers and peppermint leaves,

three teaspoons of common yarrow herb, immortelle flowers, rose hips, raspberry leaves and dill.

Take one dessert spoon from the prepared collection and pour a glass of boiled water, leave for half an hour at room temperature in a covered bowl so that the essential oils of chamomile, yarrow and mint do not evaporate. Then the prepared herbal tea must be filtered and the raw material squeezed out.

Drink a third cup of herbal tea three times a day before meals for half an hour for a course of 10 days.

To enhance herbal tea with a laxative effect, add one dessert spoon of sena leaves (Cassia holly, Alexandrian leaf). However, use such herbal tea for up to 5 days, due to the fact that long-term use of hay causes stomach pain and intestinal lethargy.

In the future, cassia can be replaced with two tablespoons of milk thistle fruits. And drink this herbal tea for 10-15 days.

You can not use this herbal tea for allergies to its components and in particular to plants of the Aster family, with hypotension and high blood pressure. It is undesirable to use during pregnancy, increased blood clotting and thrombophlebitis.

Cleansing Herbal Tea Recipe No2

This herbal tea, in addition to the cleansing effect, helps to strengthen the immune system, improves the functioning of the digestive system, kidney function, reduces blood glucose levels, which is especially necessary for patients with type II diabetes. It also reduces the severity of allergy symptoms and is effective in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Mix herbal tea ingredients:

seven dessert spoons of bergenia leaves, shoots (flowers and grass) of Kuril tea,

six dessert spoons of St. John’s wort herb,

five dessert spoons of lingonberry leaves and rose hips,

three dessert spoons of fruits and leaves of blueberries, nettle herb and red clover herb,

1,5 dessert spoons of thyme herb (creeping thyme), calamus rhizome, chaga, angelica root, marshmallow root and rhizome and root of Rhodiola rosea (“golden root”).

Prepare herbal tea according to the above method for 40 minutes. Take one third of a cup three times a day after each meal for 15 days, preferably before XNUMX pm.

You can not use this herbal tea with high blood pressure, severe nervous excitement, hypertensive crisis, feverish conditions and increased secretory function of the stomach.

herbal tea recipe for weight loss

There are many recipes for herbal teas for weight loss, which are sold in pharmacies and stores, but pay attention to the composition, since the presence of a large number of laxative medicinal herbs and bark gives a predominantly relaxing effect on the intestines.

For the effect of losing weight, the most important in the composition of herbal tea is the presence of medicinal plants that have a cleansing and normalizing effect on metabolism.

To prepare herbal tea for weight loss, take and mix: twelve dessert spoons of drooping birch leaves and raspberry leaves, five dessert spoons of cinnamon rose hips, calendula flowers, common goldenrod herb (golden rod) and three dessert spoons of steelberry root.

Pour three teaspoons from the mixed collection into a thermos, pour half a liter of boiling water, leave herbal tea in a closed thermos for 10 hours. Strain and drink up to three to five cups of herbal tea per day, 20 days, followed by a rest break of 10 days.

Phyto-tea that cleanses the blood

For herbal tea, take and mix:

five dessert spoons of dandelion root and raspberry leaves,

three dessert spoons of stinging nettle leaves and birch leaves,

· 1,5 dessert spoons of calendula officinalis flowers, black elder flowers and blue cornflower flowers.

Prepare herbal tea according to the method described above and drink three cups a day for two weeks.

Recipe for herbal tea that improves skin condition

The most likely cause of the poor condition of the skin is poor metabolism in the body.

Cosmetics applied externally against wrinkles and acne are only effective for a short time.

If you want the skin to look good, it is necessary to conduct a course of purification of the blood, liver and kidneys from the inside.

Take the components of herbal tea in crushed form:

Nine dessert spoons of stinging nettle herb and dandelion roots,

eight dessert spoons of horsetail shoots,

five dessert spoons of golden rod grass,

· three dessert spoons of grass meadowsweet (meadowsweet) and cinnamon rose hips.

Prepare herbal tea according to the method described in herbal tea for weight loss. It is necessary to drink up to five glasses of herbal tea a day for a course of 20 days, leaving 5 days to rest, then repeat the intake of herbal tea to cleanse the skin three times. 

The French writer Victor Hugo argued: “No outer beauty can be complete unless it is enlivened by inner beauty.”

External beauty treatments that promise skin rejuvenation cannot compete with the beauty and happiness that a healthy body radiates. Helping our body, cleansing it of toxins and toxins, we contribute to the normalization of the function of all organs and systems.

As a result of this, we become beautiful not only externally, but also internally, which is much more important.

People at all times have used plants to improve the body, and at the present time we should not forget that any creation of nature is ready to help us cope with our diseases. You just need to try to properly use the gifts of nature and be healthy. 


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