Laughter meditation


Stretch like a cat every morning before opening your eyes. Stretch with every cell of your body. After 3-4 minutes start laughing, and for 5 minutes just laugh with your eyes closed. In the beginning you will make an effort, but soon laughter will become natural. Give in to laughter. It may take you a few days for this meditation to happen, for we are out of the habit of laughter. But once it happens spontaneously, it will change the energy of your entire day.   

For those who find it difficult to laugh heartily, and for those to whom their laughter seems fake, Osho suggested the following simple technique. Early in the morning, before breakfast, drink a pitcher of warm water with salt. Drink in one gulp, otherwise you won’t be able to drink much. Then bend over and cough – this will allow the water to pour out. Nothing more needs to be done. Together with water, you will be freed from the block that was holding back your laughter. Yoga masters attach great importance to this technique, they call it “necessary cleansing”. It cleanses the body very well and removes energy blocks. You will like it – it gives a feeling of lightness throughout the day. Your laughter, your tears, and even your words will come from deep within, from your center. Do this simple practice for 10 days and your laughter will be the most contagious! Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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