Cleaning of the intestine

General information on colon cleansing

About the intestines and the functions that it performs, how to determine the need to cleanse the intestines, how to prepare your body for the cleaning procedure, general recommendations and what to do after the procedures. What we get as a result and how often it is necessary to clean up. And also what are the contraindications and warnings. The article is highly recommended for reading by everyone who is interested in this issue!

Colon cleansing food

The easiest and most correct way to cleanse the intestines is to regularly introduce certain foods into your diet, which will help to cleanse it in a natural way. The article lists the Top 9 such foods and general dietary recommendations.

Colon cleansing with herbs

It is called one of the most gentle and effective methods that can be used both as a preventive measure and for treatment. For its implementation, plants and compositions are carefully selected, and before its use, the presence of contraindications to them is excluded.


Colon cleansing with folk remedies

Stomach discomfort, abdominal pain and perpetual flatulence – this is not a complete list of problems caused by intestinal slagging. Did you notice them at home? Then folk methods of cleansing one of the most important organs in the human body will help you!

Colon cleansing according to the method of Yuri Andreev

The article provides 3 methods of Professor Yuri Andreev, described in his book “Three pillars of health”. Hard, more gentle and simple ways – everyone can choose something for themselves. Recommendations and precautions for each technique are described.

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