When the body signals problems itself …

A list of signs that eloquently indicate a lack of nutrients in your body.

Nails become brittle and brittle, and also lost a pinkish healthy tint. This indicates a lack of iron in the body, which plays an important role in its work. It has been proven that women are more prone to lack of iron due to monthly blood loss, men in this regard are a little easier. There is also a certain category of people who lead a vegetarian lifestyle without eating meat products – and this is fraught with iron deficiency. It is noticed that men take a much larger amount of the food in which iron is present than women. When the body lacks iron, the nails first of all suffer, acquiring a pale tone, more prone to brittleness, and this also affects the inside of the eyelids, they become noticeably pale.

To prevent a lack of iron in the body, women should consume it in an amount of 18 mg per day, and 8 mg is enough for men. An excellent natural source of iron can rightfully be called peas and spinach. In order for iron to be better absorbed, it should be taken at the same time as vitamin C.

Blood pressure is elevated. This may indicate an insufficient amount of vitamin D in the body. Often, a lack of this vitamin can be observed in dark-skinned and dark-skinned people. If the presence of this vitamin in the body is increased, this provokes a decrease in blood pressure, and if there is a shortage of it, the pressure rises.

The optimal amount of vitamin D per day for a person (regardless of gender) is 600 IU (action units), and since this vitamin is found only in a small fraction of foods, it is extremely difficult to fully extract it from such food. The best source of this vitamin is the sun’s rays, but if it is not possible to get sunbathing in an acceptable amount, then you should lean on oranges, mushrooms and also milk, which contains a high percentage of fat content.

Arterial pressure is lowered. This condition eloquently speaks of a lack of vitamin B-12. Also, this includes an unsteady gait, frequent urination and muscle insufficiency. 2.4 micrograms of this vitamin should be consumed daily in order to prevent its deficiency.

Vegans and raw foodists who care about their health will benefit from knowing that vitamin B-12 should be consumed without fail, it can be obtained from tablets, capsules and various artificial supplements. Vegetarians can get this vitamin by eating a variety of dairy products.

If the choice is stopped at taking various supplements of medical origin and various vitamins, priority should be given to those that are absorbed by the body in the shortest possible time.

Muscle cramps. Their appearance indicates a lack of potassium, which prevents the protein from being fully absorbed, subsequently muscle mass cannot be formed properly, and this is fraught with the occurrence of muscle cramps. One of the private reasons for the lack of potassium in the body is considered to be a profuse loss of fluid, such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating and many other reasons that provoke dehydration.

The recommended intake of potassium per day for an adult is 5 milligrams, which is best taken with food. Potassium is found in coconut, potatoes, bananas, avocados, and legumes.

Increased fatigue. Its presence indicates a lack of vital vitamin C in the body, and even in the XNUMXth century, its lack led to serious illnesses and the possibility of death. In the modern world, such an outcome of the case does not threaten us, but this does not mean that the lack of this vitamin in the body should be neglected and not attempted to be restored. An insufficient amount of this vitamin provokes the appearance of irritability, chronic fatigue, dull hair and bleeding gums. Heavy smokers are most susceptible to this outcome, and if they are not able to get rid of their addiction, then vitamin C should be consumed in a third of the norm in order to prevent its shortage. The same applies to passive smokers.

a) Women should consume 75 mg per day of this vitamin;

b) Men should take it in the amount of 90 mg;

c) smokers – 125 mg per day.

Priority in foods rich in vitamin C should be given to sweet peppers, kiwi, broccoli, citrus fruits, melon and spinach.

When the thyroid gland fails. For the effective work of the whole organism, the thyroid gland produces certain hormones using the iodine in the body, but its insufficient amount provokes a failure in the whole organism. Problems with the thyroid gland that have arisen can only be identified with the help of laboratory analysis, however, there are several obvious signs that will make it clear about the problems:

  • decreased activity;

  • memory impairment;

  • apathy;

  • decrease in body temperature;

Malfunctions of the thyroid gland significantly increase the risk of miscarriage, so you should especially carefully monitor the entire body during this period.

For an adult, 150 micrograms of iodine per day is enough to feel normal, but for pregnant women, this figure should be increased to a level of 220 mg. Sources of iodine are dairy products, as well as iodized salt.

Bone tissue has become damaged too often. This indicates an insufficient amount of calcium and is fraught with fragility and brittle bones. Lack of calcium can provoke very deplorable consequences, such as osteoporosis. If calcium declines, bone metabolism changes, bone density decreases, and as a result, frequent fractures are guaranteed.

There is an age limit, after which the bones of the body begin to slowly but surely weaken, while losing all their useful minerals, in particular calcium. Therefore, it is very important, upon reaching the age of 30, to monitor the receipt of the optimal amount of this mineral.

However, calcium itself will not be enough, in addition to the absorption of calcium, bones need physical activity, you need to go for walks as much as possible, play sports actively and be outdoors as often as possible, devoting some part of your free time to walking.

And if people under 45-50 years old will have enough on average 1000 mg of this mineral per day, then those who have crossed the threshold of this age should increase their calcium intake to 1200 mg. The use of products such as cheese, milk, beans, green peas, lettuce will replenish the missing proportion of calcium in the human body.

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