Circuit training in a group (Circuit Training)

Circuit training is one of the most popular methods in modern fitness. This is a series of exercises that are timed and performed periodically and at different intervals between them.

Difficulty level: For advanced

Whether you’re using circuit training to improve your current training regimen or to learn a new exercise, this method has a number of huge benefits. Just start with a beginner group to make sure you’re doing the exercises right.

Circuit Training is an effective workout that breaks down into multiple series with the same sequence of exercises. You do one exercise after another, usually at 90 second intervals. A complete cycle may include aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening exercises, or a combination of both.

Circuit training is one of the most popular methods in modern fitness. This is a series of exercises that are timed and performed periodically and at different intervals between them.

How to start circuit training

Obviously, for beginners, exercise cycles should be shorter in time, and the intervals between them should be longer than for experienced athletes. At the beginning of the development of circuit training, aerobic exercises can prevail over strength ones, as they are easier.

If training takes place with a group in the gym, then all the necessary simulators, as a rule, are already there. All you need to bring with you is sportswear and shoes.

Reasons to Start Circuit Training

  1. Regardless of your fitness goals, it’s important to improve muscle strength. As we age, the body loses muscle and bone density. A few minutes a week dedicated to activities that strengthen your arms, legs, and core muscles can make you stronger and help prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

  2. Regular aerobic exercise, such as jumping rope or running in place, improves blood circulation and speeds up your heart rate. As a result – weight loss, reduced risk of disease, improved sleep, etc.

  3. If you are busy and want to combine strength and aerobic exercise to save time, circuit training is the best workout for you. If you enjoy group activities, the popular gym circuit is a great social experience.

  4. This workout can be interesting and fun. When you constantly change exercises, your psyche does not have time for negative emotions. In addition, you can personalize circuit training by changing exercise cycles – the options are endless.

Basic circuit training exercises

There are various circuit training exercises designed for different types of competitions and sports. As an example, we offer one of the most common programs adapted for training athletes.

To run faster, you must develop stride length, power, and strength. Here is a list of circuit training exercises needed to increase your running speed:

  • 4 runs in the 400m snatch at racing speed, rest 2 minutes between each;
  • 20 lifts per leg;
  • running 800 meters at racing speed;
  • 20 squats on one leg for each leg;
  • 8 races in the 200m snatch with one minute breaks in between;
  • 20 step lifts for each leg;
  • 8 races for 100 meters with 15-second breaks between them; forward jumps on one leg, it is necessary to overcome 25 meters;
  • running for 6 minutes at an easy pace;
  • 4 races of 400 meters with 2-minute breaks between them.

In long distance running, muscle endurance is the key to a successful race. The corresponding circuit training exercises are a combination of strength and endurance exercises that will help you better prepare for marathon running. List of recommended exercises:

  • jogging for 15 minutes;
  • 20 squat and deadlift exercises;
  • 20 push-ups;
  • 15 squats on one leg for each leg;
  • 30 strengthening twists;
  • running 800 meters at racing speed;
  • 20 lifts per leg;
  • 20 push-ups on the bench;
  • 20 lunges with dumbbells on each leg;
  • 20 double crunches;
  • running 800 meters at racing speed;
  • 20 squats;
  • running 1500 meters;
  • 15 minutes of jogging.

Circuit training programs aimed at endurance and muscle building ensure the harmonious development of the body.

Recommendations for circuit training

  • When is training necessary? – Indications are hypodynamia, lack of muscle mass and endurance.
  • Противопоказания – Circuit training is contraindicated in case of injuries and significant disorders of the musculoskeletal functions.

Each type of circuit training can be tailored to your needs. This even distribution of different exercise programs results in a balanced fitness regimen which is what makes it so popular.

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