Politicians are vegetarians and how they got there

A man must always remain a man, even if he became a politician. We decided to present to you not just those who remained human, playing a special role in the domestic and foreign policies of different countries, but also became defenders of people’s rights and disseminators of the best ideas of humanism and ethics. Is it by chance, is it natural, but they are vegetarians …

Tony Benn

Born in 1925, Tony Benn became interested in social life and politics from an early age. And this is not surprising, since his father, William Benn, was a member of parliament, and later – Minister of India (1929). At the age of twelve, Tony was already in contact with Mahatma Gandhi. From this, albeit not a very long dialogue, Tony learned a lot of useful things, which became the foundation of his formation as a humanist politician. Toni Benn’s mother was also distinguished by a deep mind and an active social position: she was a feminist and was fond of theology. And although her “Movement for the ordination of women” did not find support even in the Anglican Church of those times, the feminist movement had a great effect on the worldview of her son.

In 1951, Tony became the youngest member of parliament. Initially, his humanism showed little. No, not because there was none, but because Britain tried to pursue a more or less balanced policy. However, in 1982, Benn had to openly declare his disagreement with the opinion of the parliamentary majority. Recall that Britain sent troops to the actual capture of the Falkland Islands. Benn constantly exhorted to exclude the use of force to solve the problem, but he was not listened to. Moreover, Margaret Thatcher apparently did not know and forgot that Tony fought in World War II as a pilot, saying that “he would not have been able to enjoy freedom of speech if people had not fought for him.”

Tony Benn not only defended the rights of people himself, but also urged them to take a more active social position. So, in 1984-1985. he supported the miners’ strike, and later became the initiator of the amnesty and rehabilitation of all repressed miners.

In 2005, he became a participant in anti-war demonstrations, effectively leading the opposition and the Stop the War anti-war coalition. At the same time, he ardently defended the people who are fighting with weapons in their hands in Iraq and Afghanistan for the independence of their country.

It is quite logical that, while caring for people, he did not lose sight of the rights of animals. Ethical issues are inseparable from vegetarianism, and Benn adheres to it steadfastly.

Bill Clinton.

It is unlikely that Clinton can be called a great humanist. However, he went through many difficult moments during his campaign, when he was reproached for refusing to participate in the stupid and senseless brutal war in Vietnam. Clinton owes his failing health to his transition to veganism. After eating all the hamburgers and other meaty fast food, his body demanded a change in lifestyle. Now Clinton not only looks good, but feels much better than before. By the way, his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is also a vegetarian.

Captain Paul Watson

Politics is not only gatherings in chic offices. It is also an initiative, in this case, of citizens who are not indifferent to the suffering of animals. Paul Watson, a captain and a vegetarian, has been protecting animals from hunters for years, and he does it pretty well. Watson was born in 1950 in Toronto. Prior to beginning his useful work, he worked as a guide in Montreal. Many, without exaggeration, Paul performed feats, about which you can make a film filled with adventure, drama and even action elements. Despite being named “Environmental Hero of the Twentieth Century” by Time magazine in 2000, Watson is targeted by Interpol and deliberately targeted to discredit the environmental movement as a whole.

The Sea Shepherd Society is feared by the killers of seals, whales and their employers. Animal massacres have been thwarted many times already, and hopefully more will be prevented!

Of course, we have mentioned the brightest adherents of an ethical lifestyle. The rest, for various reasons, cannot be considered as at least some example. After all, you know that politicians rarely do something for nothing. Often the “hobbies” of politicians are nothing more than elements of political technology designed to increase the loyalty of the electorate.  


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