Kundalini yoga for fast results

Kundalini is often called the royal yoga, it is unique and differs significantly from other areas in that it acts 16 times faster. Perhaps, precisely because of its miraculous properties, until the middle of the twentieth century, kundalini yoga was not widespread and was the privilege of selected Indian masters.

 At first glance, kundalini yoga consists of physical activity and static asanas, mantra chanting and meditation. Part of the teaching is designed to release the energy of kundalini, and part is to raise it up. The basis of the practice of kundalini yoga is kriya, each of the kriyas has its own task, whether it is stress relief or the normalization of the work of a certain organ. Kriya consists of a combination of static and dynamic exercises, breathing and, of course, relaxation. It is noteworthy that the first result from kundalini classes is noticeable after 11 minutes! Why is this happening?

“We work with the glands, not with the muscles,” says Alexei Merkulov, a well-known Russian kundalini yoga trainer and host of the Zhivi-TV channel. If it takes months and years of hard training to achieve good physical shape, then the impact on the human hormonal system leads to an almost instant tangible result. It is no secret that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, starting to practice classical yoga, have difficulty performing complex asanas. In the practice of kundalini, it is considered acceptable to continue to perform the exercise mentally, if at first it is not physically possible, and this will also lead to the desired result. Therefore, even beginners with minimal training from the very first lessons will receive the same return as their experienced teacher.

In the age of speed and increased stress, not everyone can fully plunge into spiritual self-improvement, but every modern person needs help in making difficult decisions and ways to restore strength. Kundalini yoga will become an understanding ally of business and busy people. It does not affect religious beliefs, does not require a radical change in lifestyle and nutrition. A person can individually choose kriyas and meditations that suit him and do them when the body screams SOS.

It is impossible to grasp the full power of kundalini yoga in a short article. But one meditation will be relevant for those who are often faced with the need to make important decisions:

Sitting in the lotus position (also called the easy pose), close your eyes on 9/10 and focus on your breath. Inhale for 5 counts, hold your breath for 5 counts and exhale for the same duration. Attention is concentrated at the point between the eyebrows. Over time, you need to increase the cycles, ideally up to 20 seconds.

People who have experienced a quick effect from the practice of kundalini, as a rule, try to get to know this teaching more deeply. But to what extent is up to you. Sat us!


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