Natural products that flush out parasites from the body

“Parasites have killed many more people than war has done in the history of mankind.” – National Geographic. Intestinal parasites are abnormal and unwanted inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract that seriously increase the risk of developing the disease. This all sounds sad enough, but the good news is that we are able to control and minimize their existence. And no one else will help us in this, like Mother Nature. So, what kind of natural products can we classify as antiparasitic in the arsenal, we will consider below. This vegetable contains sulfur-containing compounds that have a detrimental effect on pathogenic flora. Onion juice is recommended in the fight against worms, especially tapeworms and nematodes. Take 2 tbsp. onion juice twice a day for 2 weeks. According to research, pumpkin seeds have an anthelmintic effect on the digestive system. They do not kill the worms directly, but remove them from the body. The parasites are paralyzed by the compounds in the seeds, leaving them unable to latch onto the GI tract to escape elimination. It has an antiparasitic effect that soothes irritated intestines and inhibits the growth of intestinal parasites. This effect is likely due to the high concentration of fatty acids in almonds. An ornamental plant that is widely known as an ingredient in absinthe. Wormwood has many uses and health benefits. In addition to helping digestion, gallbladder, and low libido problems, it fights roundworms, pinworms, and other worms. It is recommended to use wormwood in the form of tea or infusion. In this case, the pomegranate fruit is not meant, but its peel. It is able to flush out intestinal parasites, providing astringent properties. Crushed lemon seeds kill parasites and nullify their activity in the stomach. Finely grind the lemon seeds to a paste, take with water. The antimicrobial properties of cloves are excellent in treating intestinal parasites. It can destroy parasite eggs and prevent further infestations. Take 1-2 cloves daily.

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