Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe was born on August 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Nature has endowed the boy with an excellent physique, with which you can have a wonderful athletic future. There was only one thing left to do – to start developing your body, bringing it to perfection. It is possible that Boyer understood this, but for some reason he was in no hurry to start training. Everything changed when, while fishing, he accidentally came across a bodybuilding magazine, on the cover of which the mighty athlete Doug Strol flaunted. Excellent physical shape, biceps, triceps, powerful chest – all this left an indelible impression on the guy’s mind. Filled with enthusiasm and a strong desire to achieve the same result, Boyer acquires the necessary sports equipment – dumbbells, a barbell and converts the garage at home into a mini-gym. Every day, seeing the image of a muscular athlete in front of him, the guy lifts weights with great effort. Then he was only 14 years old.


A year of hard training has done its job – the muscles on Breuer’s body began to show through. Moreover, they became so noticeable that many, looking at him, were sure that the future Mr. America was in front of them. Who knows, maybe they are right?

At the age of 16, Coe takes part in the Junior All South Tournament. He does not become a winner, but is in the top five.


Training continued and on May 21, 1964, our hero ceases to be a simple boy who is fond of heavy sports, now he is Mr. New Orleans. And 3 days after that, another important event in his life takes place – Breuer says goodbye to his native school forever.

In November 1964, Coe was awarded the title of Bogatyr of the Southwest.

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After entering Lafayette College, Breuer continues his training at the local Red Lerille’s gym.

Now remember how, at a young age, Breuer was predicted that he would be Mr. America .. and indeed, in 1966, the prediction came true – the guy wins the prestigious title among juniors. Wait a bit, and soon he will become Mr. America among the professionals.

An interesting event happened in 1968, just on the athlete’s birthday. He presented himself, perhaps, the best gift that one could only dream of that day – Coe becomes Mr. USA. It’s amazing how the athlete did not refuse to take part in this tournament on his birthday! After all, he might not have won, but fortunately, luck was on his side.


In 1976, Coe became a member of the IFBB – a significant event in the life of any athlete, bodybuilder. And in the same year he takes part in the tournament “Mr. Olympia”, in which he gets only 5th place. Then Boyer will repeatedly make attempts to take the main title of the competition, but, unfortunately, this task will be overwhelming for him.

In 2007, another important event happened – Boyer Coe was inducted into the IFBB Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

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