Juices in the life of an athlete

Juices in the life of an athlete

Everyone understands perfectly well that natural juice is a storehouse of vitamins. And anyone who cares a little about their health should drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice every day. It is freshly squeezed, and not the one that flashes on blue screens every day, and which can be found on store shelves. It is very difficult to find vitamins in such juices. Of course, they may be present there, but in very small quantities, insufficient to meet the daily requirement.


Imagine how an ordinary citizen needs vitamins, let alone intensely exercising athletes. For them, the need for natural juice is much higher. Do you know why? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

As a rule, athletes drink juice in order to quench their thirst after exercise. In doing so, they do a “double job” – they make up for the lack of fluid and supply their body with vitamins, which allows them to recover much faster. Moreover, every athlete knows that hard physical work is a real stress for the whole body, the immune system begins to weaken. And therefore, the vitamins and trace elements of the juice not only strengthen the defenses, but also help the body to cope with the stress that it has experienced. In addition, there is a replenishment of the necessary substances that came out along with sweat during intense training. Therefore, in the life of any athlete, in addition to various food additives, natural juice should be present. But in order for it to bring maximum benefit, you need to know 2 simple rules:


1. It is better not to consume juice with added sugar – it is a source of excess calories.

2. Once again, we draw your attention: the juice should be freshly squeezed – so it will contain the maximum amount of vitamins. Moreover, it must be drunk within 15 minutes, if you stretch the time, the juice will gradually lose its value.

As you probably understand, the best option would be to have a juicer at home.

You might argue, “Why do I need a juicer at home? After all, many manufacturers of sports nutrition add juice concentrate to their products. This will also help to saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and microelements ”. Yes you are right. But did you know that in this case juices are heat-treated? Which in turn leads to the loss of most nutrients. It is unlikely that such juice is of great nutritional value. Do you agree?

Although juices are good for your health, you shouldn’t drink too much of them. Remember the sense of proportion.


Well-structured nutrition and training is the key to the success of any athlete.

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