Bloating and flatulence? How to prevent and fix.

Each of us more or less often encounters this unpleasant, especially when it finds you in a company of people, a phenomenon – gas formation. In the article, we will look at a number of actions that prevent bloating and flatulence, as well as what to do if these symptoms have already appeared. – Eat only when we are really hungry – Eat food only after the digestion of the previous one is completed. This means about 3 hours between meals – Chew food well, do not talk while eating. Golden rule: when I eat, I am deaf and dumb! – Do not mix incompatible foods, try to stick to a separate diet – Do not eat fruit after the main meal. Generally speaking, fruits should be eaten separately – Try chewing a slice of ginger with lime juice or a lemon 20 minutes before meals – Add digestive spices such as black pepper, cumin, asafoetida – Listen to your body after eating dairy and flour products. If you’re seeing a relationship between these foods and gas, it’s worth reducing or eliminating their intake. – Avoid fluids with meals – Reduce salt intake – Take the Ayurvedic herb Triphala. It has a healing effect on the entire digestive tract. Mix 12 tsp. triphala and 12 tbsp. warm water, take this mixture at bedtime with 1 tsp. honey – Try aromatherapy. Gas formation is more likely to occur with stress, worry, and anxiety. Suitable scents would be cinnamon, basil, rose, orange – Chew fennel seeds or drink hot fennel mint tea – Breathe in your belly for 5 minutes – If possible, lie on your left side, breathe deeply – Walk for 30 minutes. During the walk, it is advisable to make several jumps and twists. This will stimulate blood circulation and release gases from the swollen abdomen – Practice yoga asanas such as child’s pose, supta vajrasana.

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