Life hack: 4 ideas how else you can use freezer bags in the kitchen

1. For grinding solid foods The freezer bag can be used to crush and grind nuts, cookies and candies. Place the food in a freezer bag, seal it, flatten the contents, and go over it with a rolling pin several times, as if you were rolling out dough. It is the fastest, most efficient and safest way to grind solids. In addition, it is a good practice to relieve stress. 2. To save space in the refrigerator In order not to overload the freezer, cooked soups, sauces and smoothies can be stored not in pans, but in freezer bags. Be sure to leave some room in the bag – liquids expand when frozen. Liquid bags should be placed horizontally in the freezer, and when the liquid freezes, they can be stored like books on a shelf – upright or stacked. A row of multi-colored smoothie bags looks very nice. 3. For cooking vegetable marinades In a bowl, combine the vegetables and all the ingredients for the marinade, transfer to a freezer bag, let out excess air to make the bag more compact, close the bag, shake well several times and put in the freezer. When you decide to cook vegetables, just take them out of the bag and fry them on the grill or pan. The taste of cooked vegetables is simply amazing. 4. For filling desserts with stuffing

If you don’t have a pastry syringe, you can also use a freezer bag to stuff desserts. Fill the bag with the dessert filling, close it, cut off the corner and squeeze out the filling. Tip: It is more convenient to fill a freezer bag with liquid if you place it in a jar with a wide neck. Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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