Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia includes various dissimilar countries located between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This region is rich in the religions of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Christianity. Since ancient times, Southeast Asia has been a favorite place for wanderers and travelers for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, low prices and warm climate. The countries of Southeast Asia represent the exact opposite world for Western people. Instead of cathedrals, you will find temples here. Instead of cold and snow in winter – gentle tropical climate. It will not be difficult to find here both inexpensive housing in remote villages and luxury five-star hotels in big cities on popular islands. Let’s look at some of the most attractive, incredible places in this alluring region of our planet.

Sapa, Vietnam Located in the northwest of Vietnam, this quiet town was a gateway to incredible mountains, rice fields, traditional villages and hill tribes.  Angkor, Cambodia Angkor is rich in one of the most important cultural heritages in the world. This includes the huge temple of Angkor Wat, the Bayon temple with its massive stone carvings of faces, Ta Prohm, the ruins of a Buddhist temple entwined with towering trees. Historically, Angkor was the Khmer capital from the 9th-14th centuries, and in many ways it influenced the appearance of the whole of Southeast Asia.

Taman Negara, Malaysia

A national park located in the Malaysian Titiwangsa Mountains. It is popular with ecotourists and travelers who want to wake up close to the tropical jungle. Popular activities here: walking through the jungle, sometimes on rope bridges, rafting, rock climbing, fishing, camping. You will need maximum energy to try all the activities offered here. Singapore, Singapore The city-state of Singapore is located in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, just 137 kilometers from the equator. The predominant ethnic group – the Chinese – 75% of the population. Here you will hear a variety of speech: English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin. Singapore is a former British colony.

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