What is hidden in drinking water

In this article, we’ll share five water hazards to inspire you to switch to sustainable sources.


Pesticides and fertilizer runoff have become a major problem in many countries. Pesticides can be called ubiquitous without exaggeration. They penetrate food, clothes, are sprayed indoors along with household chemicals. Even if you prefer organic food, you can still get a hefty dose of pesticides in your drinking water.


The researchers found a sad fact – there are pharmaceuticals in the water. Antibiotics and antidepressants found in drinking water raise a number of questions. Regularly receiving even a small amount of antibiotics, you can become resistant to them, and this carries a risk for the treatment of possible serious diseases. Antidepressants, when used for a long period, disrupt brain chemistry.


Phthalates are commonly used in the manufacture of plastics to make the plastic more flexible. They easily enter the environment and are carcinogens. Phthalates can disrupt thyroid function and therefore hormone balance, weight and mood.

Эanimal feces

As disgusting as it is to think about it, water can contain animal waste products. Of course, in very small quantities … In North Carolina, bacteria from pig feces have been found in drinking water. Think about what you are pouring into a glass!


Some water samples show levels of nitrate and arsenic exceeding 1000 times. Arsenic is extremely harmful to the skin and increases the risk of cancer, so it is not allowed in water in any quantities.

By investing in a high-quality filter, you can protect drinking water from contamination for a long time. Distilled water is also an alternative. The water in which you bathe should also be filtered. Be sure to eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, which will help protect the body from the effects of toxins already in it. 

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