Bartender: the secrets of success

The job of a bartender requires skills, personality and endurance to work late into the night, which is quite hard. Many people want to work as a bartender, so before you dive into this profession, you must learn all the basic bartending techniques and remember all the popular drinks.


The bartender needs to be able to maintain a conversation with guests, at least to be aware of the latest world news and trends.

The bartender must “absorb” new information about alcohol, cocktails, mixology, ingredients in order to develop his own style, in order to be able to surprise even the most “experienced”, and, finally, become a successful bartender. Perhaps this is the basic rule of a successful bartender.

The secret of success from Belvedere vodka

Red copper powder is sold in stores. Pretty useful thing in the bartender’s business. In ancient India, copper was considered very useful and was used to treat diseases of the eyes and skin.

In modern medicine, it is used for nervous disorders, arrhythmias, and also as a remedy for infertility. But it has one more property that you can use in your bar.

If you mix a little copper powder with egg white, then the foam in the cocktail will be denser and more than without copper.

Try adding a small pinch of salt to a sweet smoothie. For decades, salt has been used in the production of candies. She will be able to emphasize the taste of the cocktail if you use the advice.

The bartender must be able to work without a jigger

Try to work without a jigger.

There is always some alcohol left in the jigger, and then it is simply washed off with water, whereas without a bar spoon and a jigger, the product would not be wasted.

Today, alcohol is a rather expensive product, like other bar ingredients. In addition, the bartender will be able to surprise the guest, who will certainly appreciate the exact movements of the bartender, and not the mean measuring of alcohol in milliliters.

Also, don’t forget that a shaker can be shaken in a myriad of ways, not just one or two. Try “the rhythm of your heart.” It will look beautiful and may reflect on the cocktail for the better.

Cocktail flavor

The aroma of a cocktail is one of the most important components of success. Why? Because 80-90% of what we perceive as taste is actually smell.

For example, egg white, on the contrary, absorbs odors. If you put a few proteins in a new refrigerator, you will completely get rid of the smell of plastic. The main thing is not to use these proteins in cooking.

Now imagine that the egg whites were on a green lawn. What will happen? Of course, proteins will absorb the aromas of flowers and grass. Working with such proteins is a real pleasure.

It is not even necessary to add any ingredients to the cocktail, it is only necessary that these ingredients lie next to the egg whites.

Bar menu design

The concept of a bar menu is just as important as the interior design of a bar. It is important how you separate the cocktails on the menu. Personally, I’m afraid of the “Longdrink” or “Shots” sections.

It is much more interesting that the menu contains, for example, spring, summer, autumn, winter cocktails. You don’t have to do it this way, be creative with it.

Dividing cocktails into niche sections creates even more room for imagination.

With such a menu, you immediately kill two birds with one stone: quickly concentrate the attention of the client, and optimize the bar’s cocktail menu.

Feng Shui in everything

For me, feng shui is not an empty word. I believe that negative emotions are reflected not only in our physical or mental health, but in everything we do. If we make a cocktail in this mood, it will be “negative”. And bartending art should not be like that.

A guest’s perception of a cocktail largely depends on the personality of the bartender. Your barely noticeable irritation can make the guest immediately reject even a completely successful cocktail.

The bartender should make the guest happy. People go to the bar for inner harmony and relaxation. And so you must have the right message. If you cannot give joy or smile, then do something else.

How to take a straw for a cocktail

The bartender must always remember to pick up the straw by the corrugated part, where it bends.

The guests are squeamish and finicky. If the tube does not have a bend, then according to the unspoken rule, it is taken for the non-drinking part or for the middle.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a bartender to simply take a straw from above and lower it into a cocktail at discotheques.

The work of bartenders who take the tubes with tongs looks very impressive.

In many mixology competitions, participants often use this technique to stand out from the competition and impress the jury.

Why polish clean glasses

Everyone must have seen in different films how bartenders polish clean glasses in the background.

The question arises: do they really have nothing else to do? And what do they do when they rub and polish all the glasses? However, wiping down the glass before serving is beneficial for several reasons.

Firstly, the guest is pleased that such care is shown to him.

Secondly, you need to wipe the glass for hygiene reasons.

Often, glasses are stored either simply on shelves or hang on special metal holders.

In any case, the dust, invisible to the eye, settles on the walls of the glass. That’s it and you need to remove it from the dishes.

You can wipe the glasses with any absorbent cloth, but linen napkins are best.

Professionals do not recommend wiping beer and champagne glasses.

The great benefits of a napkin

Can’t even remember the last time you served a beer or a cocktail without a napkin or coaster? But in many bars this is still practiced. But this is an unspoken rule when serving guests at the bar.

  1. A napkin or a coaster under a glass perform several functions at once, the first of which is the aesthetic beauty of serving a drink.

    Agree that a glass of beer on a coaster with a brand logo or a bright cocktail on a napkin looks beautiful and very impressive.

    The bartender should always remember that it is better to put a simple napkin under a glass of beer than a coaster with a different beer logo.

    And what do we see in our bars and pubs? That’s right, a permanent violation of this rule.

  2. The second important function of a napkin or coaster is to protect the bar counter from moisture.

    The napkin and stand are made of moisture-absorbing materials, so drops of drink or condensate from the walls of the glass do not remain on the surface of the stand.

    In this case, the bartender does not need to frequently wipe the countertop, and the guest will not get dirty inadvertently.

  3. The third function is the speed of service, when several bartenders work at the bar at the same time.

    Let’s consider a common case. The guest orders two drinks not to a specific bartender, but simply “to the bar”.

    To avoid duplication of orders, the bartender, who was the first to hear the request, puts two napkins on the counter and starts preparing drinks. This means that the order is already being processed.

Never, remember, never use crooked, dried or dirty coasters, and don’t skimp on napkins.

Now you are closer to the perfect bar. Use the accumulated experience of famous bartenders, and your guests will always be satisfied with the quality of service at the bar.

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