Coffee is fashionable and terribly harmful: 10 main threats to health

When asked how the morning begins, the answer is different. And over the “with coffee” option, many will grin irritably. Going, for example, to start a car in severe frost. But in fact, for a large number of people, every morning really begins with coffee. And then throughout the day, more than one cup of this drink is drunk.

It would seem, well, what is so bad here. The drink loved by many really has positive properties. Coffee invigorates, helps to recover after a short sleep. It contains many useful substances. However, the number of harmful properties of coffee is much greater. Someone doesn’t know this. Someone understands, but continues to drink, unable to refuse. Or justifying it by the fact that in modern life, with its busy schedule, one cannot do without an invigorating cup. But all this does not matter, coffee harms everyone without exception. The consequences for the body can be listed for a long time. Let’s just highlight the top ten.

Coffee causes insomnia

It’s a paradox, but ordinary people use this fact, long proven by doctors, precisely in order to stay awake at night. Many do not have enough daytime hours, someone has a night schedule. And everyone understands perfectly well what this can lead to. But you can’t refuse. At the same time, it is not only an extra cup in the late evening that causes insomnia. Frequent use during the day also makes a significant contribution to the appearance of insomnia. A little later, the situation worsens and performance drops to a minimum.

Problems in intimate life

Not many people are aware that coffee has a negative effect on sex life. Caffeine attacks the glands that produce hormones needed in sexual relationships. Problems with these hormones, such as testosterone, lead to big problems in bed. Usually, one has only to give up coffee, everything returns to normal.

Impact on pregnant women

The worst idea that can come to mind is to abuse coffee during pregnancy. Firstly, it is bad for the health of the unborn child. Secondly, problems with hormones. The risk of miscarriage increases dramatically – by as much as 33%!

General deterioration in health

Yes Yes exactly. The ability of coffee to undermine health is not much lower than that of alcohol. And it’s not just related problems like insomnia. Caffeine directly attacks the immune system. And it does this in the most important place – the thyroid gland. This is how coffee can easily provoke some kind of flu. Or something worse.

Decreased absorption of nutrients by the body

Caffeine can do just that. Just a small cup of coffee can slow down the absorption of calcium for several hours. And the increase in time spent is not the main problem. With frequent use of coffee, many beneficial substances are washed out. In addition, caffeine can destroy many vitamins and minerals. Including B, zinc, iron, calcium, etc.


Regular coffee consumption increases the risk of gaining extra pounds. The fact is that caffeine has a bad effect on the adrenal glands and on the entire metabolism. In which the already affected thyroid gland is also involved. The result of this “attention” of caffeine to the glands is a decrease in metabolic rate. This is followed by an accelerated process of fat deposition. The body simply does not have time to get rid of excess. After a while, body weight begins to grow literally before our eyes.

Deterioration of mood

It is unlikely that sleepless nights at work will give a good result. As a result, insomnia, and a breakdown, and a terrible mood from all this. But caffeine also manages to exacerbate the situation here. Through a complex chain of cause and effect, it can by itself significantly lower mood. Briefly, this is what happens. In our body there are special substances called neurotransmitters. They are responsible for signal transmission from nerve cells. These substances are needed for the production of serotonin – the very “hormone of happiness”. Caffeine affects neurotransmitters, and as a result, the production of serotonin also worsens. Frequent drinking of coffee for a long time can lead to a significant deterioration in mood.

Energy source or main brake?

Caffeine is truly insidious. Imagine a situation where a person has to work intensively for some time, looking away only for sleep. And so he decides to resort to the most effective remedy – coffee. But this erroneous opinion will lead to the opposite results. Very soon, the body, as it were, “gets used” to caffeine. And if at first, for a short period of time, coffee caused an increased release of adrenaline, then it stops working. An increasing amount of drink is required, the load on the body increases, and efficiency decreases. As a result, adrenaline no longer becomes, and side effects are connected that reduce performance.

Coffee and pesticides

When growing coffee, when it has not yet become a food product, a variety of fertilizers are used. Including pesticides. Everyone knows about them. But few people realize that there are many harmful, foreign substances already in ready-to-eat grains.

How are internal organs affected?

The damage to the body from caffeine is enormous. Frequent drinking of coffee harms not only the metabolism and glands, but also other organs. For example, the heart and liver. If there are no questions about the heart, then a few words need to be said about the liver. Coffee is poorly digested. And when it enters the body in large quantities, the liver has to work to the limit. It produces substances for splitting coffee in large quantities. Therefore, they may simply not be enough for other purposes. The entire digestive system suffers from this. And, consequently, the body as a whole.

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