Flairing Tips for Beginners

You must have heard of flair. Watching and flaring is even cooler than just knowing about it. To make your flairing journey easier, we have prepared a series of beginner flairing tips.

Create your schedule

Like any other activity, flaring requires a lot of perseverance, determination and even more practice. Create your own schedule and stick to it every day. No one becomes a professional right away, each of the famous flairing bartenders started from the basics. Start with the basic movements and practice them until they become as natural to you as breathing.

Participate in competitions

Titans World Open – one of the world’s flaming championships

Titans World Open 2012 – Official video of the championship

Not only is this a great chance to showcase your skills, it’s also a great opportunity to meet other flair bartenders. Here you can make new friends, as well as exchange tips and techniques. You can even organize a club where you will meet and discuss your plans.

Create your unique style

Watching professional bartenders perform and imitating their movements is the right thing to do. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you really want to succeed and be famous, you need to have your own unique style.

Interact with viewers

Always smile, no one likes sullen people. Remember that you are an artist first and foremost and flaming is your performance and should be fun and entertain the audience. So keep eye contact with the audience, and always smile. Also make sure your movements are graceful and fluid, not rough and tight.

Take Your Profession Seriously

Since you are a bartender, always try to be friendly and accommodating. Provide a high level of service with a smile. Always try to fulfill the requests of your customers. Be humble and apologize if you’ve made a mistake.

Perhaps these are all the tips for beginners that you should know. Perhaps I missed something, I will be glad if you write your recommendations in the comments.

Relevance: 24.02.2015

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