Bar spoon

A bar spoon is an important tool that bartenders use to prepare drinks and cocktails. As a rule, the handle has a spiral shape. The end can be a flat disk or muddler to knead various ingredients, a small fork for garnishing, or a tablet for making layered shots.

Cocktail spoon

The capacity of a cocktail spoon is 5 milliliters. With the help of a cocktail spoon, the bartender can easily measure out cocktail ingredients or thick liqueurs. Today, there are a wide variety of bar spoons that make it easier to work at the counter. Among them, it is especially worth noting such as a bar spoon with a trident (fork), a bar spoon with a straw, as well as a bar spoon with a muddler.

How to use a bar spoon

Bar spoon. Which bar spoon is more convenient to use in your work!

Photo of bar spoons

Bar spoon with trident Bar spoon with flared end

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