How nutrition can be the killer or the best healer

We, adults, are primarily responsible for our lives and our health, as well as for the health of our children. Do we think about what processes are triggered in the body of a child whose nutrition is based on a modern diet?

Already from early childhood, diseases such as coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis begin. The arteries of almost all children who eat standard modern food already have fatty streaks by the age of 10, which is the first stage of the disease. Plaques begin to form already by the age of 20, growing even more by the age of 30, and then they begin to literally kill. For the heart, it becomes a heart attack, and for the brain, it becomes a stroke.

How to stop it? Is it possible to reverse these diseases?

Let’s turn to history. A network of missionary hospitals set up in sub-Saharan Africa found what was an important step in health care.

One of the most famous medical figures of the 20th century, the English doctor Denis Burkitt, discovered that here, among the population of Uganda (a state in East Africa), there are practically no heart diseases. It was also noted that the main diet of residents is plant foods. They consume a lot of greens, starchy vegetables and grains, and almost all of their protein is obtained exclusively from plant sources (seeds, nuts, legumes, etc.).

The heart attack rates by age group compared between Uganda and St. Louis, Missouri, USA were impressive. Of 632 autopsies in Uganda, only one case was indicative of myocardial infarction. With an identical number of autopsies corresponding to gender and age in Missouri, 136 cases confirmed a heart attack. And this is more than 100 times the death rate from heart disease compared to Uganda.

In addition, 800 more autopsies were performed in Uganda, which showed only one healed infarction. This means that he was not even the cause of death. It turned out that heart disease is rare or almost non-existent among the population, where the diet is based on plant foods.

In our civilized world of fast food, we are faced with diseases such as:

– obesity or hiatal hernia (as one of the most common stomach problems);

– varicose veins and hemorrhoids (as the most common venous problems);

– cancer of the colon and rectum, leading to death;

– diverticulosis – bowel disease;

– appendicitis (the main reason for emergency abdominal surgery);

– gallbladder disease (the main reason for non-emergency abdominal surgery);

– ischemic heart disease (one of the most common causes of death).

But all of the above diseases are rare among Africans who prefer a plant-based diet. And this suggests that many diseases are the result of our own choice.

Missouri scientists selected patients with heart disease and prescribed a plant-based diet in hopes of slowing down the disease, perhaps even preventing it. But instead something amazing happened. The illness has reversed. The patients got much better. As soon as they stopped sticking to their habitual, arterial-slagging diet, their bodies began to dissolve cholesterol plaques without drugs or surgery, and the arteries began to open on their own.

An improvement in blood flow was recorded after just three weeks of being on a plant-based diet. Arteries opened even in severe cases of three-vessel coronary artery disease. This indicated that the patient’s body strove to be completely healthy, but he was simply not given a chance. The most important secret of medicine is that under favorable conditions, our body is able to heal itself.

Let’s take an elementary example. Hitting your lower leg hard on a coffee table can make it red, hot, swollen, or inflamed. But it will heal naturally even if we make no effort to heal the bruise. We just let our body do its thing.

But what happens if we regularly hit our shin in the same place every day? At least three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

It will most likely never heal. The pain will periodically make itself felt, and we will start taking painkillers, still continuing to injure the lower leg. Of course, thanks to painkillers, for a while we can feel better. But, in fact, taking anesthetics, we only temporarily eliminate the effects of the disease, and do not treat the underlying cause.

In the meantime, our body strives relentlessly to return to the path of perfect health. But if we damage it regularly, it will never heal.

Or take, for example, smoking. It turns out that about 10-15 years after quitting smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer is comparable to the risks of a never smoker. The lungs can cleanse themselves, removing all the tar, and eventually transform to such a state as if a person had never smoked at all.

A smoker, on the other hand, goes through the process of healing from the effects of smoking all night until the moment when the first cigarette begins to destroy the lungs with every puff. Just like a non-smoker clogs his body with every meal of junk food. And we just need to allow our body to do its job, launching natural processes that return us to health, subject to our complete rejection of bad habits and unhealthy foods.

Currently, there are various newest modern, highly effective and, accordingly, expensive drugs on the pharmaceutical market. But even at the highest dose, they can prolong physical activity by as little as 33 seconds (always be aware of drug side effects here). A plant-based diet is not only safe, but also much cheaper, but it works more efficiently than any medication.

Here is an example from the life of Francis Greger from North Miami, Florida, USA. At the age of 65, Frances was sent home by doctors to die because her heart could no longer be cured. She underwent many surgeries and ended up confined to a wheelchair, constantly experiencing pressure in her chest.

One day, Frances Greger heard about nutritionist Nathan Pritikin, who was one of the first to combine lifestyle and medicine. A plant-based diet and moderate exercise got Francis back on her feet within three weeks. She left her wheelchair and could walk 10 miles (16 km) a day.

Frances Greger of North Miami has passed away at the age of 96. Thanks to a plant-based diet, she lived another 31 years, enjoying the company of her family and friends, including six grandchildren, one of whom became an internationally renowned doctor of medical sciences. it Michael Greger. He promotes the results of the largest nutritional studies that prove the relationship between health and nutrition.

What will you choose for yourself? Hope you make the right choice.

I wish everyone to consciously follow the path of life in full health, choosing for themselves and their loved ones all the best, truly valuable and vital.

Take care of yourself!

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