Baby feeding at 11 months: switch to growth milk

More than a month before the big birthday of baby: our child weighs then on average between 7 and 11,5 kg, teething is good and he eats almost like us! Our child’s diet being well diversified and richer in nutrients, we can switch – if we are not breastfeeding or no longer breastfeeding, or if we are in mixed breastfeeding – to growth milk, which they will continue to take. until he is three years old.

Recipe: what can an 11 month old baby eat?

At 11 months, we can introduce new foods in recipes that we prepare for the baby, for example:

  • asparagus
  • Brussels sprouts
  • the salsifis
  • exotic fruits such as persimmon or kiwi
  • oat porridge
  • chickpeas and lentils

The only ingredients that still remain forbidden to our 11 month old child are:

  • salt and sugar (not before a year)
  • honey (not before a year, and always pasteurized to avoid botulism)
  • milk, meat, fish and raw eggs (not before three years, to avoid toxoplasmosis)

We also avoid a little offal or cold cuts, a little oily for a baby. Industrial fruit juices are too rich in fast sugars for the baby’s body.

How much should an 11 month old eat and drink?

In terms of quantity, we remain attentive to the needs of our child, adapting if he has less hungry one day and more the next day ! On average, we can give between 100 and 200 g of vegetables or fruit crushed with a fork at each meal, and we do not exceed 20 g of protein animals and plants per day, in addition to his bottles.

For milk, we can just switch to a growth milk for our child if we are no longer breastfeeding and the baby eats well at all meals. Growth milk will meet our baby’s needs again until he is 3 years old. The milks of plant or animal origin that we consume as adults and are not adapted to the needs of children.

Typical meal for my 11 month old child 

  • Breakfast: 250 ml of milk with 2nd age cocoa cereals + 1 very ripe fruit
  • Lunch: 250 g of steamed vegetables mixed with a spoon of rapeseed oil + 20 g of soft cheese
  • Snack: about 150 ml of milk with a compote of very ripe fruit, seasoned with cinnamon but without sugar
  • Dinner: 150 g of vegetable puree with 1/4 hard-boiled egg + 250 ml of milk

How do I prepare a meal for my 11 month old baby?

To prepare meals for our 11 month old child, we think of having a dose of vegetables or fruits, two teaspoons of fat, a few grams of starchy foods and / or legumes or meat or fish, and pasteurized milk or cheese.

« In children under one year of age, the most common deficiency is iron, indicates Marjorie Crémadès, dietician, specialist in infant nutrition. From 7 to 12 months, a baby needs 11 mg of iron.

In terms of textures, we crush roughly and we leave aside some small pieces that baby can take whenever he wants. For the moment, on the other hand, we continue to mix the lentils, the pulses or the chickpeas, on which the baby could choke.

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