Baby feeding at 10 months: the first real pieces!

The food diversification takes place without too many problems, baby is now taking two meals a day in addition to its minimum 500 ml of milk per day, and the texture resembles mashed potatoes with a fork. You can then start to integrate real pieces in your child’s diet.

Food diversification: what and how should a 10 month old baby eat?

At 10 months, baby eats almost like us! The only foods he still has to wait for are:

  • salt and sugar (not before a year)
  • honey (not before a year, and always pasteurized to avoid botulism)
  • raw milk, meat, fish and eggs (not before three years to avoid toxoplasmosis)

To eat, our child must be well positioned in his high chair, with the feet on a support and facing the face of the person who feeds him or who helps him from time to time with his small cutlery. ” The meal should be the time to create a real bond of trust and complicity with our child, underlines Céline de Sousa, chef and culinary consultant, specialist in baby food. The meal should be as much as possible a moment of pleasure, exchange and sharing! »

How much food and milk at 10 months with the addition of pieces?

At ten months, baby is ready to gradually swallow small pieces. If the majority of your plate looks like mash coarsely crushed with a fork, you can leave in or next to pieces of well-cooked and therefore very soft food: ” Baby’s jaw is strong, but he does not yet have teeth developed on average enough to chew normally. We therefore prepare small pieces of food for our child who crush easily between two of our fingers, such as small pasta or a small piece of well-cooked carrot », Continues the chef Céline de Sousa.

In terms of quantity, baby’s appetite grows and so does his growth curve: we can offer him 100 to 200 g of vegetables or fruit mashed with a fork at each meal, and between 10 and 30 g of protein maximum per day. Even though baby eats more, he still needsat least 500 ml of milk per day.

How do I organize my child’s typical meal day? Meal ideas at 10 months.

Marjorie Crémadès, dietician and infant feeding specialist, presents a typical feeding day for a 10 month old child.

What breakfast for a 10 month old child?

At 10 months, our child still takes the morning a 210 ml bottle of water and 7 doses of 2nd age milk, or the equivalent in feedings. Our baby can also eat 8 teaspoons of cereals or a compote with a special baby food biscuit.

Recipe: what breakfast for my 10 month old baby?

At noon, it has been several months since the bottle or breastfeeding was replaced by a meal! Our ten month old child can eat for his lunch, for example: 5 tablespoons of mashed vegetables with a few pieces + 20 to 30 g of ground lentils + 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil + 1 yogurt + 1 raw fruit but very ripe and mixed OR 200 g of vegetable puree + 1/2 hard-boiled egg or 3 teaspoons of meat or mashed fish with a fork + 1 knob of butter + 1 yogurt + 1 homemade fruit compote.

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding: which snack for baby?

At 16 p.m., you can either breast-feed your baby or give him a 2nd age milk bottle of 210 ml of water with 7 doses of milk. If our infant is still hungry, we can add a compote, or an oilseed puree, or even a very ripe raw fruit for example.

Main course: what dinner in the evening at 10 months?

In the evening, our child is now used to having his second real meal of the day. We can offer it for example a vegetable puree with 2 tablespoons of starch + 1 dash of oil mixture + 1/2 compote + 180 to 240 ml of milk. 

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