Ayurvedic advice for dry skin

Dry skin is a common condition faced by people of all ages. During the winter, many of us suffer from rough, flaky skin and even itching. While there are many ointments and lotions on the market for dry skin, Ayurveda offers natural solutions to this problem. Let us consider in more detail a number of natural products recommended for external and internal use. Rich in natural flavonoids and oils, calendula is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Collect the petals, make a paste out of them and apply it on the skin. Leave the paste to dry. Rinse your face (or area of ​​skin to which the mixture is applied) with warm water. Regular use of this mask will make the skin radiant and supple. A natural moisturizer, it helps in the treatment of a number of skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties, necessary for allergic conditions, as well as bruises. It is recommended to prepare a decoction of chamomile and strain it before use. Add a few drops of decoction to the bath. The exotic fruit is rich in vitamin A, which helps in preventing dry skin. Use a ripe papaya as a scrub: Rub the flesh of the ripe papaya into your skin in gentle, circular motions. Papaya is very healthy and in the form of a salad with a banana will also be good for skin health. The beneficial properties of Aloe Vera are known, perhaps, to everyone. It has moisturizing properties, effectively fights dryness. Aloe vera ointments and gels are available from pharmacies and cosmetic stores, but it is recommended to apply fresh aloe pulp to the skin. Barley flour and turmeric Barley flour mixed with turmeric powder and mustard oil is a good treatment for dry skin. Use the mixture as a scrub that gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and leaving room for smooth new skin.

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