Autumn diet, 7 days, -5 kg

Losing weight up to 5 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 940 Kcal.

The Autumn Diet is a balanced nutrition system that has a cleansing effect on the body. For a week (the maximum period of any of the autumn diet options), according to reviews, you can lose up to 5 extra pounds and set your body up for the transition into winter.

Autumn diet requirements

On the classic autumn diet you need to give up fatty meats, lard, smoked meats, marinades, fried foods, confectionery sweets and pure sugar, muffins, eggs, fatty dairy products, fast food, alcohol, black tea, soda and other frankly high-calorie foods.

And the basis of the diet for autumn weight loss should be made:

– vegetables (with an emphasis on non-starchy);

– greens;

– fruits (preferably unsweetened);

– nuts (they contain the right fats, but are very high in calories, so they should be consumed in limited quantities);

– berries;

– vegetable oils (we use only a little bit and do not undergo heat treatment);

– rice, corn grits, buckwheat, oatmeal;

– legumes (beans, peas, lentils);

– milk and sour milk of low fat content (and preferably fat-free);

– lean fish and seafood (in particular, shrimp, mussels, squid, seaweed);

– lean meat (skinless chicken, beef fillet).

Of liquids, in addition to non-carbonated ordinary water, which must be drunk in large quantities, on the autumn diet it is allowed to dilute the diet with unsweetened green tea, herbal decoctions, fresh juices, fruit drinks, compotes. All drinks should be homemade; it is better to refuse from store juices for the period of weight loss.

The developers of the autumn diet give recommendations on the maximum portion sizes (the weight of the products is indicated in the finished form). You can eat 250-300 g of cereal at a time, 100 g of fish or meat, 250 g of fruits or vegetables at a time, you cannot drink more than a glass of drink at a time (clean water does not count). You should eat fractionally, about five times a day, making the menu as varied as possible and not overeating.

Correct both figure and health is promised by a special autumn diet for immunity… It is worth basing nutrition on this method on sources of vitamin C citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, kiwi), parsley, radish, cabbage, sea buckthorn, pomegranates; seafood, which will give the body a sufficient amount of iodine and the right omega 3 fatty acids; buckwheat rich in carbohydrates; lean beef or veal meat containing healthy protein, zinc, iron. You can also eat other fruits, vegetables, berries, low-fat milk and sour milk, a small amount of nuts. Salads, as before, should be seasoned with a couple of drops of vegetable oil. The liquids allowed are the same as in the first variation of the autumn diet. It is recommended to eat 6 times a day in small portions at approximately equal time intervals. It is advisable to complete meals no later than 19-20 hours. Don’t gorge on before bed.

Another variation on this popular nutritional technique is autumn cleansing diet… Here, it is advisable to base your diet so that it consists of 60% of fruits and vegetables, and 20% is allocated for whole grain carbohydrates, animal and vegetable proteins. In this case, a strict ban is imposed on fish, meat, various canned food and sugar-containing foods. It is also worth eating fractionally.

During the autumn seasonal weight loss, no matter what diet option you choose, it is advisable to refuse salting dishes or at least reduce the amount of salt in the diet as much as possible.

In order to preserve the result obtained on the autumn diet, leaving it, do not forget about the basic rules of nutrition:

– Leave seasonal fruits and vegetables as the basis of the diet;

– walk more and go in for sports;

– if you want something sweet, use honey, dried fruits or marmalade (of course, in moderation);

– eat fractionally and have healthy snacks;

– have dinner 3-4 hours before lights out.

Autumn diet menu

An example of a daily diet of the classic autumn diet

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal, which can be cooked in low-fat milk, with the addition of berries; green tea with a slice of lemon.

Snack: a glass of kefir.

Lunch: baked chicken fillet; a couple of cucumbers; a glass of berry juice.

Afternoon snack: fresh or baked apple.

Dinner: boiled buckwheat; cucumber-tomato salad with herbs, drizzled with olive oil; herbal decoction.

An example of the diet of the autumn diet for immunity for a week

1 and 5 days

Breakfast: buckwheat; seaweed with green onion; ginger tea with a teaspoon of honey.

Snack: half a pomegranate.

Lunch: stew of cabbage, bell pepper, rice and garlic; salad, the ingredients of which are grated radish and carrots, black bread croutons, soy sauce; rosehip broth.

Afternoon snack: half a pomegranate.

Dinner: baked potatoes with sour cream and herbs; apple and carrot salad drizzled with olive oil; a cup of green tea.

Second supper: two small kiwis.

2 and 6 days

Breakfast: casserole of cottage cheese and dried fruit; orange.

Snack: a glass of compote (if you really want something sweet, add a little honey to it).

Lunch: steamed beef fillet; vegetable stew (preferably without potatoes); a glass of apple and pear juice.

Afternoon snack: a glass of sea buckthorn compote.

Dinner: 3 tbsp. l. mashed potatoes or a couple of baked potatoes; cabbage and carrot salad; decoction of herbs.

Second dinner: salad of kiwi, orange and peach.

3 and 4 days

Breakfast: a salad of bell pepper, Chinese cabbage and a small amount of olive oil; oatmeal; pomegranate juice.

Snack: a handful of walnuts; empty green tea.

Lunch: a couple of boiled or baked potatoes; a slice of pollock, the preparation of which did not use oils and fats; a glass of carrot juice.

Afternoon snack: we repeat today’s snack (you can eat other nuts or berries).

Dinner: bell pepper stuffed with mushrooms; cucumber.

Second supper: a glass of apricot-orange juice.

Day 7

Breakfast: boiled buckwheat or pumpkin puree; beetroot and carrot salad (you can season with garlic); a glass of kefir.

Snack: a little cottage cheese with kiwi or half an orange.

Lunch: a bowl of vegetarian borscht; a slice of low-fat cheese; a slice of black bread; rosehip broth.

Afternoon snack: a couple of tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and any fruit.

Dinner: a slice of cooked or baked chicken fillet; apple, carrot and white cabbage salad.

Second supper: pomegranate.

An example of a diet of a cleansing autumn diet for a week

1 and 4 days

Breakfast: pear and apple salad with low-fat yogurt dressing; 8-10 pcs. almonds; a glass of pear compote.

Snack: 2-3 slices of lightly salted and minimally fatty cheese.

Lunch: a bowl of unfried vegetable soup; a slice of rye or whole grain bread; a glass of berry juice.

Afternoon snack: 50 g dried apricots or a couple of fresh apricots; green tea.

Dinner: lentil porridge; carrot; herbal decoction or tea.

2 and 5 days

Breakfast: a couple of slices of baked pumpkin; cucumber salad seasoned with low-fat sour cream or yogurt; a glass of kefir.

Snack: a glass of milk and a piece of feta cheese.

Lunch: beetroot seasoned with sour cream of minimum fat content; cabbage salad; yogurt or kefir (200-250 ml).

Afternoon snack: a glass of carrot and apple juice.

Dinner: steamed vegetable stew; a slice of whole grain bread; apple compote.

3 and 6 days

Breakfast: salad of carrots, hard-boiled eggs and rye bread (you can lightly season with low-fat sour cream or yogurt); boiled oatmeal; a glass of fermented baked milk.

Snack: a couple of fresh cucumbers.

Lunch: bean soup; whole grain bread and a glass of apple juice.

Afternoon snack: fresh cucumber or tomato.

Dinner: salad of tomatoes, white cabbage, herbs; loaf; orange juice or fruit compote.

В seventh day you can repeat the menu of any day or limit yourself to a six-day and get off the diet.

Contraindications for the autumn diet

Although the autumn diet is a fairly balanced technique, it should not be followed in case of intestinal and stomach diseases, in the presence of chronic and other serious diseases.

Benefits of the Autumn Diet

  1. In addition to the fact that the autumn diet allows you to slightly correct your figure in a relatively short time, it has a positive effect on your health. You will be able to strengthen the immune system with the help of a large number of nutrients contained in recommended foods. With such a diet, the body prepares for natural restructuring. Many people, after completing the autumn dietary course, notice an improvement in the condition of their hair, nails and skin.
  2. The fall menu is rich in antioxidants that improve our mood and minimize the possibility of encountering depression. Enough in the diet and useful fiber, gently cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful components. Also, fiber normalizes stool and helps to improve digestion. The diet menu contains protein products that help the body get rid of adipose tissue and strengthen the muscle corset.
  3. Thanks to fractional nutrition, people who are losing weight on the autumn diet do not experience severe hunger and calmly withstand the entire dietary course.
  4. The presence of several diet options allows you to choose the one that best suits your goals and taste preferences.

Disadvantages of the Autumn Diet

  • As such, the fall diet has no drawbacks. It is not suitable unless for those who strive for lightning-fast modernization of the figure.
  • Eating fractionally is problematic for people with a busy work schedule.

Re-carrying out the autumn diet

Want to try the fall diet again for yourself? This can be done in a month and a half after its completion.

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