Apple mince recipe. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.

Ingredients Minced apple

apples 1012.0 (gram)
sugar 300.0 (gram)
Method of preparation

1st option. Fresh apples are washed, the seed nest, damaged parts are removed and cut into slices. Sprinkle the sliced ​​apples with sugar, add water (20-30 g per 1 kg of apples) and cook, stirring, with low heat until the mass becomes thick. Apples can be peeled, thus increasing the gross weight. 2nd option. The seed nest and the skin are removed from the apples, and then cut into slices or cubes and sprinkled with sugar.

You can create your own recipe taking into account the loss of vitamins and minerals using the recipe calculator in the application.

Nutritional value and chemical composition.

The table shows the content of nutrients (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams edible part.
NutrientQuantityNorm**% of the norm in 100 g% of the norm in 100 kcal100% normal
Calorie value149.1 kCal1684 kCal8.9%6%1129 g
Proteins0.4 g76 g0.5%0.3%19000 g
Fats0.4 g56 g0.7%0.5%14000 g
Carbohydrates38.3 g219 g17.5%11.7%572 g
organic acids0.8 g~
Alimentary fiber2 g20 g10%6.7%1000 g
Water94 g2273 g4.1%2.7%2418 g
Ash0.5 g~
Vitamin A, RE30 μg900 μg3.3%2.2%3000 g
Retinol0.03 mg~
Vitamin B1, thiamine0.03 mg1.5 mg2%1.3%5000 g
Vitamin B2, riboflavin0.02 mg1.8 mg1.1%0.7%9000 g
Vitamin B5, pantothenic0.07 mg5 mg1.4%0.9%7143 g
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine0.08 mg2 mg4%2.7%2500 g
Vitamin B9, folate1.9 μg400 μg0.5%0.3%21053 g
Vitamin C, ascorbic4.4 mg90 mg4.9%3.3%2045 g
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, TE0.6 mg15 mg4%2.7%2500 g
Vitamin H, biotin0.3 μg50 μg0.6%0.4%16667 g
Vitamin PP, NE0.3664 mg20 mg1.8%1.2%5459 g
niacin0.3 mg~
Potassium, K300.6 mg2500 mg12%8%832 g
Calcium, Ca17.5 mg1000 mg1.8%1.2%5714 g
Magnesium, Mg9.3 mg400 mg2.3%1.5%4301 g
Sodium, Na28.3 mg1300 mg2.2%1.5%4594 g
Sulfur, S5.3 mg1000 mg0.5%0.3%18868 g
Phosphorus, P11.1 mg800 mg1.4%0.9%7207 g
Chlorine, Cl2.1 mg2300 mg0.1%0.1%109524 g
Trace Elements
Aluminum, Al116.2 μg~
Bohr, B258.8 μg~
Vanadium, V4.2 μg~
Iron, Fe2.4 mg18 mg13.3%8.9%750 g
Iodine, I2.1 μg150 μg1.4%0.9%7143 g
Cobalt, Co1.1 μg10 μg11%7.4%909 g
Manganese, Mn0.0496 mg2 mg2.5%1.7%4032 g
Copper, Cu116.2 μg1000 μg11.6%7.8%861 g
Molybdenum, Mo.6.3 μg70 μg9%6%1111 g
Nickel, Ni18 μg~
Rubidium, Rb66.5 μg~
Fluorine, F8.5 μg4000 μg0.2%0.1%47059 g
Chrome, Cr4.2 μg50 μg8.4%5.6%1190 g
Zinc, Zn0.1585 mg12 mg1.3%0.9%7571 g
Digestible carbohydrates
Starch and dextrins0.8 g~
Mono- and disaccharides (sugars)9.1 gmax 100 г

The energy value is 149,1 kcal.

Apple stuffing rich in vitamins and minerals such as: potassium – 12%, iron – 13,3%, cobalt – 11%, copper – 11,6%
  • potassium is the main intracellular ion that takes part in the regulation of water, acid and electrolyte balance, participates in the processes of nerve impulses, pressure regulation.
  • Iron is a part of proteins of various functions, including enzymes. Participates in the transport of electrons, oxygen, ensures the course of redox reactions and activation of peroxidation. Insufficient consumption leads to hypochromic anemia, myoglobin-deficient atony of skeletal muscles, increased fatigue, myocardiopathy, atrophic gastritis.
  • Cobalt is part of vitamin B12. Activates enzymes of fatty acid metabolism and folic acid metabolism.
  • Copper is a part of enzymes with redox activity and involved in iron metabolism, stimulates the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. Participates in the processes of providing the tissues of the human body with oxygen. The deficiency is manifested by disorders in the formation of the cardiovascular system and skeleton, the development of connective tissue dysplasia.
  • 47 kCal
  • 399 kCal
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